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Dangerous Motorists Legally Entitled To Drive

Some motorists with twelve or more penalty points are still legally entitled to drive

Over eight thousand motorists with twelve or more penalty points are legally entitled to drive, the Institute of Advanced Motorists has reported. This is confusing. The law, after all, states that drivers can be banned if they build-up twelve points (or more) within three years. These could consist of (say) three for speeding and three for using vehicles with defective tyres, etc. This totting-up system allows for a fair number of minor errors but theoretically punishes consistent offenders. Furthermore, newly qualified drivers can be banned if they receive six points over three years. However, some motorists are effectively forgiven if they prove that losing their licences would cause them or their immediate families exceptional hardship. This is subjective, but motorists might be treated leniently if they require their vehicles for work or to look after elderly/sick relatives. And it seems that men are most likely to use these excuses. As such, more than two-thousand have more than twelve points compared to about three-hundred and fifty women. Furthermore, only two of the top thirty-four point collectors – and fourteen of the top ninety-nine – are female. The most prolific is a male with thirty-six points in total.

IAM Chief Executive Discusses Road Safety

The Institute of Advanced Motorist's Chief Executive, Simon Best, said: "Law abiding drivers will be shocked that so many drivers are on the road who have more than twelve points. The totting-up principle is supposed to give a simple four strikes and you are out message. Anything more than this should be a disqualification - unless there are the most exceptional circumstances.” The road safety expert continued: "There must be tighter practice in courts and at the DVLA to take these motorists off the road or ensure they take a driver retraining course to help them break their points habit."

FOXY Lady Drivers Club Director Discusses Road Safety

The Managing Director of FOXY Lady Drivers Club, Steph Savill, added: “For most motorists collecting points is expensive, embarrassing and potentially highly stressful. But they make us more vigilant drivers. The relative few who collect twelve points in a fairly short period of time must be either ignorant or contemptuous of the rules of the road. They are getting away with it because the courts seem unwilling to play the disqualification cards they hold.” She added: “There may even be a case for making serial point scorers re-sit the theory and practical driving test before their licence is reinstated.”

I think if you get 12 points you should get a ban and then have to take a test to get your licence back, if after all that you get 12 more points then you get a longer ban, then a retest as a new driver. I have 6 points at the moment and now drive like Miss Daisy is in the back.

I take it Richard that you are young and a highly skilled, considerate driver, with no points on your licence and free of accidents-in other words a paragon of virtue. Anybody who collects points, other than for minor misdemeanours, must be kept off the roads-they are likely to kill someone before long. If they lose their livelihood, tough.

I didn't like the comments about the seventy year-old drivers. It isn't fair to use such generalities. Many younger drivers would see uncomplimentary gestures and even accidents if they bothered to use the mirrors more. The drivers who should be kept off our roads are those who disregard the first rule of driving and that is not to drive to please yourself but to drive to please other road users. Anticipation and courtesy are as important as driving on the left and it remains true that if a car hits another car it is that driver's fault because he was going too fast for the prevailing conditions/didn't anticipate the prevailing conditions. The only thing a "hit" motorist can be guilty of is contributory negligence. Harsh but true! As far as our foreign "guest" drivers are concerned the only action open to we ordinary citizens is to be the best examples we can be in order to encourage them to higher driving standards. Nothing will be achieved by grumbling - unless enough grumbles are put in enough letters to enough Members of Parliament!

go on peter and chris. once again its the foreigners fault. just dont turn this driving issue into one of your racsist forums.

Surely their insurers must hammer them?

What about the over 70s currently 'too old to drive'? These people clearly have no awareness of their own driving let alone any other road users. In my mind these people are far more 'dangerous' than high mileage drivers who have been unfortunate to have the caught by mobile cameras or over zealous motorway patrols.

Well said Peter. What's even worse is that they drive their cars over here and id you have an accident with one we are the ones whom have to foot the bill. Something needs doing about this

What is even worse are people from a foreign country who are resident here and are entitled to drive here for 12 months and who are not able to exchange their licence for a UK one and who decide to get a UK by taking our test then fail miserably with dangerous and serious marks in their assessment drive and who can continue to drive unaccompanied here on their foreign licence , leave the country for a day , and on return their 12 months period of driving start again...