posted 3 years ago

Do you ‘Text’ and ‘Drive’

Could you be on the next billboard?

Do you text and drive? Then shame on you says Brian Singer from San Francisco who has decided to take pictures of any culprits and posts the photos on his site, named ’TWIT Spotting’  the TWIT also stands for texting while in traffic!

TWIT Spotting started when Brian realised that there was a huge number of people on his daily commute staring at a tiny screen instead of staring at the road while they are operating a two-ton killing machine also known as a ‘car’. He said “ I’ve been blown away by the number of people texting while in traffic on the freeway, for every nose picker there is twenty texters, unofficial estimation by me.”

Apart from loading pictures to his website he also asks passengers of other vehicles to take photos of anyone using their mobile phones and submit them to him. He has now taken a new step to shaming motorists by renting out billboards in San Francisco to display photos of texting drivers. He said “my hope is that it will freak some people out and make them think twice before picking up the phone while driving. My greater hope is that it inspires others to start taking photos too, if enough people started doing this it could have a dramatic effect on peoples behaviour.” There are eleven billboards so far of TWITing drivers. 

Distraction is deadly when driving. Drivers need to keep their mind and eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel to drive safely. Giving into distractions is a bit like drink-driving: it affects reaction times and control, and could easily cost someone their life.

There is no doubt that texting has caused accidents and even death and we should not be doing it. Eating and drinking on the move might seem harmless but research shows it reduces our ability to react quickly. Research says on long journeys, stop for breaks every two hours and use that time to catch up on phone calls and messages and do any personal grooming you need to do. When you get back in the car, then our mind should be completely back on the road?

So what do you believe? Should you keep your your journey clear of texting, eating, drinking, smoking to keep safe or are you thinking how many emails have I missed? Do we need a ‘Brian Singer’ in the UK or is the law enough to stamp it out? 


Another issue to consider - taking somebody's picture without prior consent is actually a breach of privacy and against the law. Texting and driving is wrong and dangerous but some people take it to far!

Surely he must be on his phone to take these photos?

Apart from the obvious issues of tkaing photos whilst driving of people texting (SAD?), as a seasoned telecoms journalist since 1980-something I abhor the flaunting ot traffic regulations (I am an IAM member) and the standard fo driving & cycling is awful. Apart from that my 9-year old Lexus RX300 has a great hands-free bluetooth system that reads texts and I can respond by voice if I wish. More recent digital in-car technologies can stop drivers from make absolute fools of themselves if only they knew how.

Credit to the man for trying to do his bit for road safety, but it is doomed to failure. You see, people who text, believe that they have some kind of divine right to text simply because they want to. The irony is that people who can`t go anywhere without their electronic friend, can only text but can`t write letters. They`re sad, sad and arrogant people.

Although slightly off the subject, why is it that you can be done for eating a Mars Bar while driving, and yet thousands of idiots get away with smoking while driving. If a bit of chocolate drops off into your lap, it might dirty your trousers, but if the lighted end falls out of your fag, you could lose control of the car and cause a nasty accident. Smoking whilst driving should be classed as "Without due care and attention", same as using a mobile phone or texting.

Wouldn't asking people to take pictures of others texting and taking pictures while in traffic compound the issue?? Haha. WTG! :)

This guy is a total joke. Take a picture of me and I'll throw you through a billboard. :) Don't try to be a hero Brian, the people will win! Text and drive, you may end a life! :) God knows we could use some less people on the road.