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Does Your Postcode Have High Fuel Costs?

Motorists face a postcode lottery as fuel prices vary considerably throughout the United Kingdom.

Motorists face a postcode lottery as fuel prices vary considerably throughout the United Kingdom. According to Santander, for starters, premium unleaded costs 145.9 pence per- litre in the Shetland Islands and only 129.7 pence per-litre in Grampian Scotland. That is a difference of 16.2 pence per-litre. Let us put that in perspective. A new Ford Mondeo has a seventy litre fuel tank. It therefore costs £102.13 to fill this mile-muncher in the Shetland Islands, or £90.79 in Grampian. That is a difference of £11.34. Imagine that over twelve months. It equates, in fact, to a difference of £589.68 per-year assuming one weekly fill-up.

Alan Mathewson, Chief Executive of Santander Cards, said: “These seemingly small variations in fuel prices across the UK can actually have a significant impact on overall spending - particularly for drivers who really clock up the miles.”

Excluding Scotland, the most expensive place to purchase premium unleaded fuel in the UK is Humberside. Here it costs an uncomfortable 137.9 pence per-litre. What a contrast to Denbighshire in Wales where the price is 130.9 pence per-litre. This rises to 132.1 in Northern Ireland, and to slightly over 132 pence per-litre in southern and eastern England.

Prices at the pump have risen considerably recently for all types of fuel. However, savings can be made. Some new cars, for starters, have far better average fuel consumption figures than their predecessors. Highlights include the VW Polo BlueMotion 1.2 TDI (80.7mpg), the Hyundai i20 1.1 CRDi Blue (88.3mpg), the BMW 320d EfficientDynamics BluePerformance Auto (68.9mpg), and the Kia Rio 1 1.1 CRDi 5dr (88.3mpg). Motorists could also cut consumption by using high gears, maintaining consistent speeds, accelerating modestly, and ensuring that tyre pressures are correct. The alternative is to buy a bicycle.

Forget humberside, try buying your premium petrol here on the Isle of Wight, but before you do make sure that you inform your bank manager. Have today (31/o8/12) seen premium fuel at 141.9 a litre.

The part missing off their log which reads "every little helps" is......"our profits". As with Marks & Sparks"..."Your M & S" NO! it is the shareholders M & S

The prices are usually higher in Tesco when they have a 5p coupon off. Good old sharpe operator Tesco DEREK

Over the past few years I have correctly predicted when Tesco is going to have a 5p/litre coupon promotion. How? They ALWAYS put their fuel prices up on the Wednesday before the promotion starts. Do they think we are thick! I asked about why they do not price match within 3 miles of their petrol stations and the staff replied "they do". But they are always at least 2p/litre more during the pre promotion period and during it. What a con. People are fooled and queue to buy their "cheap" fuel. I used to trust Tesco, why spoil that customer loyalty with such a con?

We need to have a revolution in this country. Tories claim that to talk of taxing the rich is the politics of envy, while they rob everyone else and call this pragmatic. As for a fuel strike, a great idea, but will never happen while the AA and RAC remain puppets of the government. We need these organisations to get behind the ABD (Association of British Drivers) and demand a rational policy on fuel taxation instead of the current insanity, with the threat of a national fuel and work strike.

We use diesel, which is far more expensive per litre than petrol, yet a few years ago, the gov't pushed people to buy diesel cars as it was appreciably cheaper. You just can't trust a government! Its obvious, too, that the price of diesel affects the price of everything else as it powers lorries that do the delivery. Why, too, do Sainsbury's charge more for fuel in Oxford than they do 30 miles away in Swindon? We aren't all plutocrats here. Finally, why is BP consistently the most expensive fuel around - even in Europe? Do they not want to sell the stuff?!

A shambles more than describes the problems in good old UK. It is not so much about help the rich by taxing the poor as rob the active so that the inactive can still sit around doing nothing. Fuel duty seems to be the best way of doing that. Those of us that work just seem to get hammered and hammered. Did someone mention revolution, perhaps a fuel strike would be a good thing. It would certainly make a point but it would have to be followed by a general strike. So be prepared.

I think diesel is more expensive here purly for tax reasons,. In europe disel is cheaper but in Holland to tax even a diesel car cost a lot more than here. But then again the minimum wage there is around 9 euro and most employers pay for travel costs. But that covers the more than the cost of the fuel. Uk has one of the lowest minimum wages in northern europe but things like food cost more very strange.

We all complain about the prices but do nothing about it. If the public had a fuel stike the government would have to make a change.

The price of fuel in sheffield is around 1.39 to 1.41 for diesel, I fill up twice a week for my work, this cost around £180. Diesel is more expensive than petrol, can someone tell me why?, I travel all over the UK and ireland, inculding Eire where diesel costs around €0.40 per litre less than petrol, so how come it costs more for diesel here?.

This government is a shambles & as usual look after the better off & rob the poor. Cameron slated Labour blaming them for everything & high borrowing and now we are even worse off. Every time you fill your tank with fuel you pay £60 + in tax. Bring back Guy Fawkes

Buy a scooter instead. Better fuel consumption than most of the above, £16 year road tax PER YEAR and at least a third of the insurance cost! QUIDS IN!!!

Our fuel varies between £132.9 to £139.9 per litre depending on the day of the week! It's a lucky dip on whether the local stations have put it up or down within the above price ranges on whatever days they choose. Unfortunately it has not been below £129.9 per litre for at least a year, and is regularly £132.9 at the cheapest pumps.

This government is pricing us out of existence. Within a week, the diesel has increased three times! Most jobs require you to use your own car and claim mileage when using for business purposes. The mileage now barely covers the fuel cost, let alone contributes to the extensive wear and tear on your only means of transport...the transport which enables you to further contribute to the government coffers.

Price of unleaded in West Scotland/Aberdeen 1.37 ltr. Diesel here is same price almost as Norway who are paid higher wages overall. We are being condemeded by this Govmt to life of taxation. What happened to their election promise. Eyes are bigger than their belly as saying goes. Fuel price has creeped up significantly for no reason at all.

Government told us they were not putting the 3p rise a litre on fuel this year???? What happened?

The price of fuel goes up and everything else follows. When the price of fuel comes down everything else stays up! I live in the West Midlands - Asda seems to be out cheepest 95 unleaded at £1.337 a litre at the moment!

how come the goverment cap fuel prices then a week later it all goes up

What I'd really like to know is why do diesel cost more than petrol as it costs less to produce it? Petrol goes through many different refinements ?. Or is it that at one time petrol was popular and expensive and diesel was always cheaper Now everyone has diesel cars,( well most fleet cars are diesel) and look it turns around diesel is more expensive than petrol,definite dick turpin behaviour

1.37 I WISH garage on southcoats lane in hull 1.40 a litre i parked car up went work on bike all i can say is lib-con more like big con least dick turpin wore a mask economy going no wer just like the drivers lib con rob