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Drink-Driving Could Cost £50,000

THINK! Campaign Emphasises Cost Of Drink-Driving

The Government's THINK! Campaign claims that a pint of beer could cost more than £50,000. Why? Because this - according to The Institute of Advanced Motorists - is the potential total of the expenses incurred by someone convicted of drink-driving for the first time. This includes the £5,000 fine, the £4,800 typical legal costs associated with pleading 'not guilty' in court, and the £8,000 rise of insurance cover. This is based on the average premium for a male aged between twenty and twenty-four over the eleven years a conviction stays on a licence. There is also a loss of earnings if someone loses their job because they cannot drive. This has been calculated at £33,000, assuming an average salary and a typical driving ban of fifteen months. To emphasise the point, Road Safety Minister Stephen Hammond has revealed a '£50,000' pint at Leadenhall Market in London.

Road Safety Minister Stresses Consequences of Drink-Driving

Stephen Hammond said: 'It might only look like a humble pint of beer, but it could end up costing much more than a few quid. In fact it comes with an eye-watering hidden cost if it pushes you over the limit. Most people know not to drink and drive but a small number still do, which is why we are highlighting the consequences of a drink drive conviction through our THINK! Campaign.' The Road Safety Minister concluded: 'Anyone thinking of drinking and driving should be without any doubt � if you are caught driving over the limit you will face a heavy court fine and lose your licence. You could even go to prison.'

Drink-Drive Limit In UK

Clearly, motorists should not drive with any alcohol in their systems as even small amounts can impede driving. However, the legal limit in the United Kingdom is 35 microgrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath. This can be assessed via hand-held devices. The entry-level AlcoSense ONE, for example, retails for £24.99. This phone-sized machine records findings to one decimal place and has been recommended by Dr. Chris Steele on ITV's This Morning. The mid-specification AlcoSense Lite also has a self cleaning programme that extends its life and a 'don't drive' alert that springs to action when drivers are close to - or above - the limit. All for £39.99. Finally, the top-spec AlcoSense Elite purges its sensor after tests to increase reliability, has an airflow sensor for more accurate results, and records to two decimal places. It has also been recommended by What Car? as the Best Buy in the £40 to £100 category. This potential lifesaver retails for only £59.99.

Drink-Drive Casualties Hit 10,000

Drink-Drive Loophole To Be Closed


Well said chris! The amount of drivers (invariably Younger ones) driving irrationally late in the evenings - you just know they're 'on something'........There never seems to be a traffic cop around who's ready or willing to do something about it.

Drink driving should be the least of the Governments worries...DRUG DRIVING is far more a menace, and growing at an alarming rate. You only have to drive through London day or night to witness it practically every mile...and those that deliberately smoke spliffs at the wheel thinking that they are untouchable because the Police are scared of damaging "Community relations" deserve an on the spot terminal injection to the back of neck!

50K - If it was only that cheap it would be a bargain. Drink driving could cost you your life or worse having to live the rest of your life knowing you have killed or seriously disabled someone.