posted 6 years ago

Drive Your Classic To Work Week

Loath the tedious toys bolted to modern cars?

Loath the tedious toys bolted to modern cars? Crave a simpler form of motoring? If so, Drive Your Classic To Work Week is the salvation. This is the brain child of Classic Car Weekly, that wants to raise awareness of the classic car movement by encouraging motorists to use elderly vehicles for everyday tasks from September 8th 2012. So, Monday morning time for work. Grace the company car park with a rare Ford Anglia rather than an everyday Mondeo. Heading to the shops? Slide a simple E-Type next to a computerised XFR. As for the school run... kids would rather see a beautiful Citroen DS than the new C5.

Classic Car Weekly Editor, Dave Richards, explained: “I can't wait. Drive Your Classic to Work Week is a celebration of classic driving. Plus it's an awareness-raiser for everyone in the classic movement to join in with, and show solidarity of, our classic-driving freedoms.”

Well said, Dave Richards. Classic cars should not be rotting in museums. They should be rotting on the open road where they clock-up mileage as nature intended. Cars are designed to be driven, after all. They are supposed to be loaded with shopping, kissing apexes, and covered in filth. I understand, however, a classic lover's instinct to protect and preserve beautiful machinery – but vehicles deteriorate whether used everyday or wrapped in cotton wool and locked in a volt. “Long live Drive Your Classic To Work Week.”