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Drivers affected by soaring Pollen Count

Common prescription drugs can impair driving

Are you one of the many who suffer from hay fever? Pollen counts have soared this hayfever season and many are suffering extreme symptoms which means the pill popping starts in an attempt to stave off the unpleasant symptoms.  A survey has revealed that many motorists are unaware that prescription and over-the-counter medications can impair your ability to drive safely, by causing drowsiness or affecting reaction times, coordination, concentration or vision. These include some hayfever medications, painkillers, antibiotics and cough and cold medicines. Figures show that one in six (17%) admit either ignoring warnings not to drive or not checking that label at all. 

The national road safety charity Brake is urging all drivers to always check the label on their medication, and not to drive if it says your driving could be affected, if unsure you should consult your doctor or pharmacist, and always err on the side of caution. Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive, Brake, said "it's not just illegal drugs that make you unsafe to drive; legal, over-the-counter and prescription drugs can make you a danger too, to yourself and others. This widespread lack of awareness among drivers is alarming, suggesting many are unwittingly posing a threat to safety on our roads. It's a particular concern at this time of year, when huge numbers of people will be using hayfever medicines, some of which can be risky if you drive. All drivers have a responsibility to ensure they are fit to drive when getting behind the wheel, including not drinking alcohol, ensuring their eyesight is up to scratch, and making sure their medication is safe to drive on. If it isn't, you need to stop driving or seek an alternative medication."

It is illegal to drive while unfit to do as a result of taking either legal or illegal drugs. As part of a new drug driving law set to come into force in autumn 2014, the Department for Transport believes roads will be safer by making it easier for the police to tackle those who drive after taking illegal drugs and clarifying the position for those who take medication.

When taking any medication you should always check the label to see if it could affect your ability to drive. If the label says your driving could be affected, it could make you drowsy, or not to drive if you feel drowsy, then assume you could be impaired and don't drive on it. If you are unsure if your medication could affect driving, consult your doctor or pharmacist. Never drive if the label or a health professional recommends that you don't, or says you could be affected, or if you feel drowsy or slow.


Howky Boy, I too know whom I'd employ - the none alcohol, none testosterone fuelled 80 year old :). On topic.. my girlfriends youngest son suffers with hay fever. I'd rather if he drove that he took something to stop the otherwise constant sneezing. I've not times them but it can be a few/minute. Surely at 70 on a motorway that too can't be good. Perhaps as mentioned they will just grant three months a year sick pay to let them stay home :D

There are these dangers, along with alcohol, texting, phoning, applying makeup, and, as I witnessed in front of me last week, fluffing up hair with two hands whilst driving at 70mph!!!!! Unfortunately everyone thinks only of themselves-I have to drive....I can't possibly go on public transport because..... As someone said last week on the forum, the car is an extension of home. And no, they couldn't give a damn if they kill anyone else because of their stupidity.

I take so called “Non Drowsy” antihistamines they send me delirious but I am safe to drive aren’t I, Mr Policeman? My wife’s perfume sends me to sleep, she mustn’t wear it when I am driving, No she must not says Mr Policeman! My blood pressure tablets make me all woozy but I will die without them and if I drive my car with them, Oooh I am going to die either way! I drink 3 cups of coffee every morning ‘high as a kite’ before driving to work. I must use public transport, but then so does the bus driver drink coffee too, Oooh Scary! Mr Policeman you must ban coffee drinkers from driving! When we go on a pub crawl, one of us takes turns not to drink alcohol to abide by the farcical “Don’t Drink & Drive” law, so instead, we drink pints of red bull and coca cola, and probably mixed with some prescribed medicines, who is most incapable but legal to drive Mr Policeman? Will all you politicians go stick your corrupt money making / jobs for the boys schemes where you most like it!

I sneeze constantly and my eyes water constantly and I always rub them as they are itchy as hell even with taking antihistamines for 3 months of the year, Mr Policeman says I am not in full control of my car, but nor is hundreds of thousands of other car drivers with hay fever. We must all stay at home and the government should pay us full sick pay during the so called “Pollen Season” saying as they are in partnership with the drug cartels who have manufactured hay fever along with the majority of all other illnesses to extort trillions from us by selling us their products. This is not a conspiracy theory, the facts are widely available on the internet.

Never mind the soaring pollen count,how about the soaring 80 plus drivers who should be in a home NOT in a car.The only medication I'm on is for hay fever,what are they on?.........Mars usually.Ps I know it's not illegal to be 80, nor is it legal to be 20 with 3 pints in you,but I know who I'd employ to be my chauffeur!

Just giving the police more power to bully the driver's, as I feel they are also the one's that should be checked on their driving skills. The way they drive about they think they own the roads, they drive about as like there is no speed limits and safety and only use it to intimidate other road user's.These people who make up these rules are just total assholes.

Thank you for giving us all another excellent example of our wonderful, free, democratic society.

30% of all drivers suffer with Hay fever for about 3 months of the year, 90% of drivers are on some form of medication that will definitely affect their brain functioning. 100% of drivers will be affected by whatever they eat, drink and breathe during the time they are on the road. So what? Are we supposed to just park up and stay in our homes? Will all these Quango self righteous idiots just dig yourselves a hole and bury yourselves in it. Everything kills so just stop doing everything!

Why not just take all motorists off the roads? Full Stop! Let’s bring the whole damned world to a bloody standstill and be done with it! When is all this bullshit going to end, just to keep the police in work and generate slush money for our governments to waste? Scientific Fact... everything we consume, whether eating, drinking or breathing etc. affects us and impairs or enhances our brain functioning, and what affects us today may not affect us tomorrow. FACT! That is why drink driving laws are blatantly farcical. When our governments are spending billions of our taxes ‘without my consent’, bombing millions of innocent Muslims, do you really think they give a rats ass about people being killed on our roads, No, in fact their priority agenda is mass genocide as the world is seriously over populated! Just continue with all this righteous bullshit to stop people doing everything and anything and bring the whole damned world to a standstill. Will you?

I fully agree with the importance of understanding the impact of legal drugs (prescription or otherwise) on driving and when drowsiness or other impact occurs to refrain. However, I will be very concerned if the new law is too black and white on the issue and prevents people from driving whether they are affected or not just because of prescriptions. I am on very strong prescriptions that would put most people to sleep but I am more alert on them and a far safer driver with them than without. I also take an added precaution of ensuring a driver accompanies me so if my driving ever does deteriorate or I become too tired to continue then this other driver can take over. Driving is a responsibility not a right so I self-impose such rules and would recommend similar to others in similar situations . However, a blanket ban on driving while taking these drugs would mean I could never drive again. In my case it would be difficult to leave the house as a result and have a major life-limiting impact when I do not pose a danger. None of those tasked with keeping an eye on my driving have had anything but good things to say about it so far. That could change but until then I don't want some politician telling me I can't go out any more. I 100% support the need for drivers to be responsible for driving only when fit to do so but some of us already take the responsibility seriously and don't need to be penalised for needing prescriptions. Hope that makes sense! Hard to see what was written in these small comment boxes!