posted 2 years ago

Drivers Cover 3.8 Billion Extra Miles Thanks To Low Fuel Prices

Motorists save £6.1 billion per-annum and take more driving holidays thanks to low fuel prices, Kwik Fit claimed.

Fuel prices have fallen 20% since January 2014

British motorists encouraged by low fuel prices now travel a further 3.8 billion miles per-annum compared to 2014, Kwik Fit said. Average prices at the pump – the service and repair centre revealed – fell by about 20% between January 2014 and January 2016.

Mileage increase regional breakdown

Motorists in South West England cover the most extra miles, at 99 per-month. This part of the nation is followed by: London (97 miles), North West England (92), North East England (83), Eastern England (81), Scotland (77), West Midlands (72), East Midlands (67), Yorks & Humber (66), Wales (51) then South East England (37). 

Drivers seem to recognise that low fuel costs increase freedom and choice. 10% now make journeys they “might otherwise have avoided”, for example. Further, 8% have taken “days out or driving holidays” which were previously to expensive - and 5% “make longer journeys”. 

Fuel prices have an impact on vehicle sales too. 6% of motorists have, therefore, chosen models that might otherwise have been to expensive to run. Also, 5% now drive in a “less economical manner”.

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Fuel saving regional breakdown

Kwik Fit estimated that the total fuel saving for the nation's motorists is £6.1 billion a year, which equates to an average of £16.05 per-month. However, close to 500,000 drivers save “more than £60 per-month”. A likely explanation for the variation is that these drivers cover high mileage and/or have fuel hungry vehicles. 

Drivers in Scotland save most money at £19.19 per-month. They are followed by those in the: North East England (£18.04), West Midlands (£17.46), London (£17.22), South West England (£16.58), East Midlands (£16.06), Yorks & Humber (£15.87), Eastern England (£15.58), Wales (£14.86), North West (£14.31) and the South East (£13.73).


Huge savings for motorists, Kwik Fit says

Roger Griggs, Communications Director at Kwik Fit argued: “The lower fuel prices have obviously led to huge savings for many motorists, and also enabled them to use their car more often.”

“It’s important that drivers making more or longer journeys adapt their maintenance and servicing accordingly, as items like tyres and brakes will wear out sooner as more miles are covered”, he added. 

“And just because fuel prices are lower than 2 years ago, we would encourage all drivers to try to drive as efficiently as possible. Driving faster will clearly negate any savings made by increasing fuel consumption.”

Mr Griggs continued: “It’s also important that the authorities responsible for our road network take into account that more miles are being travelled along them - and ensure that the levels of highway maintenance keep pace with usage.”