posted 6 years ago

Drivers Urged To Buy Winter Tyres

Winter tyres could stop you sliding around like Torvill and Dean.

Winter tyres could stop you sliding around like Torvill and Dean. As such, the non-profit safety organisation TyreSafe claims there are one-hundred and forty-seven reasons to purchase winter rubber. But what are they? Winter tyres come into their own below seven degrees Celsius and - according to the Met Office - temperatures in the UK fell below this during prime commuting hours on one-hundred and forty-seven days between early October 2011 and the end of March 2012. Hence we all had frost bite. Worse still, average temperatures between December 2011 and February 2012 were less than five degrees. Brr.

Stuart Jackson, TyreSafe Chairman, said: “The roads are particularly busy during the rush hour period so being able to rely on your tyres for safe motoring is essential. Fitting winter tyres is definitely the sensible option when the temperature struggles to creep above seven degrees Celsius, as is often the case in the early morning and evening at that time of year.”

Winter tyres - like Torvill and Dean's Olympic costumes - are manufactured from highly efficient materials. They therefore contain more natural rubber and advanced silica than standard compounds. These reduce hardening. The result is superior braking, acceleration and cornering in low temperatures and on ice and snow. But whatever tyres you choose it is important to keep them at the correct pressures, replace when the tread hits 3mm, and inspect regularly for damage/even wear. Otherwise it might not just be ice skaters who spin.

Vauxhall Meriva with almost new Pirelli P6000's fitted, un-driveable after a dusting of snow. Fitted Nokian WG20 all weather tyres just for the winter months. This was a couple of years ago when the country almost ran out of grit. They totally transformed the car. unless you have tried them you can't imagine how much difference they make.

Germany has a law to fit winter tyres in wintery conditions between October and April which helps keep traffic flowing even in the worst storms. I think it is time now that UK follows suite and stop the heavy reliance on public services and reduce budget deficits and over spending in this country. Its time we start helping our nation get out of this mess.

I've been driving on winter tyres (in the winter) for 4 years and they make a real difference. For anyone unsure about the benefits of getting extra grip and worried about "needlessly spending money" why not rent a car for a day with winter tyres fitted - it'll only cost you about 30 quid and will probably change your mind on the need for winter tyres for ever. Safe driving!