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Driving Licence Counterpart To Be Scrapped

Driving Licence Shake-Up

The photocard driving licence paper counterpart will no longer be issued from June 8th 2015, the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency has confirmed. From this moment, every existing paper counterpart in the United Kingdom will become invalid and lose its legal status. 

What This Means For You

Consequences for a motorist will be minimal. DVLA advice is to destroy the counterpart once it becomes invalid. To minimise the risk of identity theft, it is best to eradicate it with an electric, cross-cut, shredder rather than tearing it in half and placing in a bin. No further action will be required. The photocard element will remain valid. But let us be clear. The change will only relate to the paper counterpart that has accompanied the photocard since its launch in 1998. Every older style, paper only, licence will remain valid and should be preserved. 

Penalty Points

Part of the purpose of the counterpart – and the older paper only licence – is to provide a means for the authorities to record any penalty points a driver receives after committing an offence. However, once the counterpart is abolished endorsements will be recorded in an online database. Neither a photocard or paper licence will provide a complete picture of a driver's credentials. 

Proving Licence Status To Employer Or Hire Company

The DVLA Share Your Licence Service will enable a motorist to confirm his/her licence status. This might be necessary when hiring a vehicle or borrowing an employer's. The motorist will log into a website – that will launch before the counterpart is abolished – and selects the “share your licence” link. This will produce a unique, one-time, access reference code. The employer or hire company will use the code and the last eight digits of the driving licence number to view the required information. The motorist will also be able to print a licence summary record page.

Why Is The Counterpart Being Abolished

A Red Tape Challenge consultation on road transportation inspired the counterpart's abolition. The purpose is to simplify and minimise the regulations that – according to the government and in a broader context than motoring - have “piled up and up”, “hurt business” and damaged the economy. Cutting red tape should also reduce government expenditure. The Challenge aligns with a DVLA Strategic Plan that includes commitments to simplify its services. 

The writing has been on the wall for the photocard licence paper counterpart for several years. As early as 2011, the then Transport Secretary Justine Greening said that people: “Shouldn’t have to keep numerous bits of paper just to prove they can drive”. 

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What happens when driving in Europe. Up to now you had to take both your photo and paper counterpart with you

All very well scrapping the paper and plastic driving licences. What will take over for the ID the younger people have to show in shops and clubs to prove they are over 25 !!! My daughter is nearly 35 and still gets asked to show her ID being her driving licence. will the next government replace her ID for another new type ID ??? as I think it is there duty to do so.

why is it so sudden that we now lose the paper counterpart of the driving licence we don't have a good road and pay and expensive for car tax,petrol,and insurance what are the goverment thinking and what about people who need a car as they cant get out to the shops does any one care or is it just goverment who have the say

Just one scam after another to make money from the motorist. It always seems to be the motorist that gets hit in the pocket. The paper part always seemed to be a crude addition to a modern style photo card licence

Bunch of theives just been fined for not producing paper counter part then ad to pay £20 for one then they go and abolish it robbing b-----ds but mark my word theyle introduce it back in a few years and well all av to pay for another one so iam not going to destroy mine f--k them

Further to Tim Stubbs comment,the Car Tax ceased to have anything to do with roads many years ago (was Road Fund Licence). It is just another Tax, like the ancient tax on windows, or Purchase tax or VAT. What people can't understand is that the ONLY FAIR tax is Income Tax, which is supposedly linked to ability to pay.

All these savings with being a paperless system but charges go up and the road fund licence/Car Tax/General Tax has also gone up. The portion of which goes on the motorist and roads is shocking and mine is now £505 for 4,000 miles a year. Government are daylight robbers but I'm not giving up my pride and joy.

I only have an old paper licence and never applied for a photocard. What do I need to do now?

Seems that the DVLA are saving all this money but when do we (drivers) start to see these savings :/

Makes sense and should of happened sooner. It also makes sense to get rid of 50 zones on the motorways!

cut down on red tape what a great idea

My concern is how do we know the computer hasn't "accidently" added points to our licence? How do we disprove it?

The way some younger people drive, makes you wonder how they got a driving licence at all, And I don't just mean the under twenty fives

all insurance companies ask for a declaration of fines/endorsements dated back 5 years so that they can charge you MORE for insurance even though your points/fines are off your counterpart and spent. if you can't remember when you had been stopped and tick the wrong box will the DVLA be held responsible for you being refused insurance? don't know why you are still penalised for 2 YEARS AFTER your points/fines have been spent.... is that not defamation?

i have no intention of changing my licence, if the dvla waqnt to change it fine by me but as long as it is free ok i am not going to pay they have over the years had an absolute furtune out of me as road tax that wasnt spent on roads etc so i look forward to what they sat jeff forbister

Oh Yes. Great technology. What happens please when you wish to hore a car in aforeign country where they INSIST onseeing a paper licence counterpart

Response to Tony Yates - it is an offence not to produce a licence counterpart when requested to do so by a police officer. You have obviously been lucky so far, I just hope you don't receive a request to do so within the next two months otherwise it could be 'points and a fine'.

I have only a paper licence I will not get a photo one unless they give it away the same as if I move house. The problem with this new system is you have to have a access to a computer or you are in trouble. I hope they have changed the law as up to now only the paper licence was legal, as the photo one was not.

A great idea. The DVLA should go further to make sure that ALL drivers have a photo licence. This will bring the UK in line with our EUROPEAN counterparts.

Never had a photocard. I'm sticking with what I've got.

Should of been scrapped when photo card was first introduced, that is have every thing set up ready,dead easy for us public to think of that,common sense mate.

I have regularly been asked for counterpart for work vehicle use and on insurance renewals. Also a friend of mine had his insurance cancelled because he could not produce counterpart, even though this was after the abolition had been announced.

It was a load of rubbish anyway, I haven't had a counterpart for years after I lost it, no one has ever asked for it in all those years, not even car hire companies.

We driver's carry enough paperwork around with us as it is,my wallet is bulging !!

please can you tell me, my present licence is valid from 21/08/1978 - until 09/01/2022 do I need to change it yet thank you

according to DVLA website anyone with a paper licence issued before 1998 will still be valid and will not need to change to the photocard one.

Aussies have had photo licence card with the licence number on it... so as soon as the number is added your record of driving comes up straight away... so the polive see immediately if you have any offences... simple...

What about needing it to rent a car in the United States? They require to see it, has this changed?

That should be done long time ago ;Once the photo card version was issued ; Its a waste of time. I personally find the photo card very useful when you are abroad for a holiday so I don't have to curry my passport all the time.

It's about time the stupid paper part was scraped Why we don't have ID cards like a lot of countries you are asked for id so you show your driving licence but if you don't have one a passport is next but they are expensive so I'd card would have done all but the PC lot stopped that

Those people who asked about old licences; read the bit again where it says; "let's be clear...

what recourse do we have if the dvla make mistakes to our info they hold, add points that you dont have or not adding correct driving entitlements etc..these would be my concerns

If it's not broken, then don't try and fix it! This scheme only works IF you have a PC. So now you will be prosecuted for not having one!

Why not go the whole Hog and let's all have ID cards with everything that matters on them. Let there be a fine if you have not got your ID on your person.

Lets all get an eastern european car then we can srap the DVLA

I am a regular traveller to the USA and have only ever had to produce the photocard when hiring a car. I have never been asked for the paper bit.

Have I got to apply for photo driving licence or carry on with my paper one?

I do not have a photo licence. Does this mean I'll have to get one?

All this paperless computerised stuff is great, but what if there is a computer glitch or if their computer is hacked, etc. what proof do we have that we do have a licence or tax, or don't have points, etc.?

As an afterthought, there are still citizens who do not have or use computers

NOT a bad idea, may go some way towards covering costs of useless schemes like driver CPC, however I doubt it will improve the black hole, things disapear into at DVLA

The old licences should be scrapped and I'D cards should replace them. We need more police patrols as it seems to me that we are going to have more problems in the future. As DVLA have no recognition of foreign cars in this country, How does this affect our insurances?

I hope DVLA have a system has a system in place so you can check your own in case of errors on their part. For example putting points onto the wrong licence.

Just to add to my Hungarian tenant's car. The lights still point in the wrong direction - blinding oncoming motorists. It is ridiculous that the authorities do not prosecute him. When stopped by police ''says he cannot speak any English''

Wake up sheeple! No one is required to have a driving licence to travel in ones own private conveyance. Google it.

I can not see why any points could not be kept on a magnetic strip on the licence like on a credit card to be read bu a suitable reader

I have a Hungarian tenant (he has been with me 3 years) and drives an untaxed, uninsured, untested Hungarian car and boasts that he does NOT need to tax/insure/MOT his car. DVLA say there is nothing they can do as they do NOT have any record of his car. What happens if he has an accident? Any suggestions, please.

Can imagine the problem when a clerk in DVLA enters the penalty in the wrong box & the points get added to the wrong person ! It only saves the DVLA money not the consumer.

What does this mean to someone who has never had a photo type licence. I could never see the point of it in its current form except added expense

i have a eastern european car do i need a licence