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Driving Licence Fees Could Be Slashed

DVLA Champions Reductions In Driving Licence Fees

A DVLA Public Consultation could lead to driving licence fees falling significantly. As such, the cost of a provisional licence could – for an online applicant – fall from fifty pounds to thirty-four. The price for a paper-based application could fall from fifty pounds, to forty-three. The variation is to encourage motorists to embrace online services that cost less to run. Furthermore, the price of renewing a photocard could fall from twenty pounds to fourteen online (seventeen for paper). The purpose of these reductions is to ensure fees reflect the lower cost of providing services following efficiency improvements. This should reduce the cost of motoring to individuals/businesses, and make it more likely people will comply with the law. Disadvantages – according to the Consultation Document – include that higher rates for paper applications penalises those that cannot apply online. Overall, however, it favours this to a status quo that – based on current rates – would ensure the DVLA builds-up a financial surplus. Interested parties have until August 25th 2014 to express any views via a online survey, post and e-mail, etc. The DVLA will then publish a summary of responses.

Transport Minister Discusses Proposed New Rates

Transport Minister Claire Perry said: “The cost of driving can be significant, especially for new drivers. I’m pleased to say that we are planning to save drivers eighteen million pounds a year by cutting licence fees, thanks to the DVLA making significant savings to their running costs.”

Driving Licences Fees: Current And Proposed

Transaction Current Fee Proposed Fee 2014/15
First GB driving licence paper application £50 £43
First GB driving licence digital application £50 £34
Driving licence renewals from the age of 70 Free Free
Driving licence renewals for medical reasons Free Free
Driving licence replacement when details have changed Free Free
Duplicate driving licence when lost, stolen or destroyed £20 £20
Exchange driving licence from overseas jurisdiction £50 £43
Paper driving licence exchanged for photocard licence £20 £20
Removing endorsements £20 £20
10 year renewal of photocard licence paper application and at Post Offices £20 £17
10 year renewal of photocard licence digital application £20 £14
Additional driving entitlements Free Free
Provisional vocational driving licence from full driving licence Free Free
Full vocational driving licence Free Free
Driving licence renewal after disqualification £65 £65
Driving licence renewal for a high risk offender after disqualification £90 £90
Driving licence renewal after revocation under the New Drivers Act 1997 £50 £50
Driver and company digital tachograph card £38 £32
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when i passed my test in the 70s your licence lasted till your 70th birthday so why do you have to pay for a up to date photo it should be free but thats just my opinion J ust like to know what other people think

Customers of private sector manufactures expect cost downs on a yearly bases. I you can't deliver you need a very good reason for not doing so. Why can't government departments do the same. Improve the efficiency and pass the saving to the customer (us) after all you are supposed to be their for our benefit. Oh benefits! don't get me started.

At Andy Holden... It is the DVLA - It may be changing at some point, but right now it is still DVLA.... CHECK YOUR FACTS BEFORE YOU START SPOUTING....Jeez

If your fed up of paying £65 after totting up here's a plan. STOP BREAKING THE LAW!!!

re Andy Holden's comment. When trying to keep up to date with legislation there is nothing worse than reading a post from an opinionated know it all which is rubbish.

re Andy Holden: The DVLA thinks that it still exists . . .

re Andy Holden's comment, the DVLA and the DVSA are 2 different companies. DVSA is the merger of DSA and VOSA and has nothing to do with DVLA.

Just to clear things up, the DVLA no longer exists, it's now called the DVSA. And if we didn't charge, wouldn't there be even more cars on the road? They should increase it, and maybe deter the once a week 'shopping trip' drivers? Increasing speeding fines wouldn't do any harm either, £80 is not a deterrent, £500 would be!

All I want to do is to change my address on my licence. They tell me I can do this online. So I went through all the online stuff and submitted my application. This was the response from DVLA: "Thank you for submitting your driving licence application online. In order for DVLA to complete your application, it requires you to do one more thing. You must send some information to DVLA. You will receive an application completion form in the post - please allow 1 week for delivery. Please complete this form and return it to DVLA so that your driving licence application can be submitted for validation checks." Am I missing something here?

Its outrageous that you have to pay £65 to get you licence back after being disqualified for points top up. You have served the penalty.......just another scam to fleece the public to prop up the systems' money squandering

I passed my test in the 70's and still have my paper licence. The reason for posting is that i cannot believe the rip off charges the DVLA imposes on licences fee's. At least Dick Turpin wore a mask.

Slashed??? You call that slashed. More like a small nick to me!

Another scam craeting DVLA but I suppose it got som people back in to employment! Car Registrations, driving licences (and road tax (fund) licences used to be capably handled by County Councils, but one always paid for a driving licence annually so may be some boffin will decide annual renewal (for a fee) wil b the next step but pay on line.....just think how much that could bring in for no effort or sensible reason. There's no such thin as a free lunch.......

I fully agree with the previous two comments. Drivers with a clean licence should not have to pay to replace the photocard. And why oh why does a government, that tells us not to print out anything that is not essential to save the planet,renew perfectly good paper licences with the photocard, when the paper section is valid to 70 years of age?.

To anyone with an old style paper license, hold on to it for dear life! If you have the later photo license, you have to renew it every 10 years, the old paper ones are valid until your 70 years young.

How do I change my paper licence for a photo one on line when the online system doesn't accept an out of date post code.

Election coming and they want to collect less tax?

It says for over 70's its free, but what about the drivers (like me) who have a paper licence, but will be 70 soon? Is it free or do we have to have a photocard licence.

Driving license renewal for photo licences for someone without convictions ( driving) should be free if charge

Why Should you have to pay every ten years to replace you licence if you have a clean licence. It should be free of charge.