posted 3 years ago

DVLA Extends Check Code Validity from 72 Hours to 21 Days

DVLA code gives you and third parties access to driving licence records and any convictions

The DVLA has extended the time limit for a driving licence ‘MyLicence’ checking code from 72 hours to three weeks after feedback from the public. The counterpart licence was abolished by the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA), as part of the governments ‘Red Tape Challenge’. So, when you renew your licence, or change anything on your licence – such as your name or address – only a new plastic photocard will be returned. Everything else is now recorded on the online MyLicence portal.

How to View Your Licence Details

To view your licence details, simply log into into the MyLicence portal, you'll need your driving licence number, National Insurance number and the postcode on your driving licence.

DVLA Enter Details

MyLicence Portal

The free portal allows users to view the vehicle categories they're entitled to drive and any endorsements or penalty points accrued.

DVLA What you can Drive

Once you log into the portal and create your unique code, you can share information held at the DVLA with others - such as rental companies, car dealers and fleet managers - while ensuring they stay in control of who sees it, the DVLA said.

DVLA Penalty Points

RAC head of external affairs Pete Williams welcomed the move and said: “This is a dramatic U-turn from the DVLA which feels very much like a victory for common sense. Presumably they were inundated with complaints from private motorists and businesses alike about three days being far too short a period to share your licence with a hire car company or an employer.

"The move to three weeks is sensible as it provides sufficient flexibility for people hiring a car in the second or third week of a holiday or business trip."

"The big question is why was the validity of the 'share your licence' code fixed at three days in the first place, particularly as the system was brought in on the back of the abolition of the paper counterpart which the DVLA typically far longer to update with new endorsements."

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