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DVLA launch ‘MyLicence’

New database to be used by insurers

A new online licence checking service will launch this summer enabling insurance companies to check on motoring convictions and penalty points of drivers before insuring.  

Individual driving records of all British motorists will be put online which should reduce the amount of invalid insurance policies but could also be concerning for data security. Currently insurers can check individual driving records through the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), a government body but it proves to be expensive and time-consuming,  so insurers ask drivers to declare their licence history and assume some drivers will either lie or make an honest mistake about the number of points on their licence.

The data held will confirm the type of licence held by the customer and how long they have held their licence, and specify any driving offences.

The ABI said seven of the top ten motor insurers had registered for the service so far, before an expected launch on July 14. Others are sceptical about the possible savings for motorists and concerned about data security, Julie Daniels of the comparison site said "I believe that there will be little material change in premiums until the initiative is taken up across the industry.” Malcolm Maycock, director of Licence Bureau, a licence-checking company, said "the main concern with any system has to be data security."

Separate online database for consumers 

The DVLA will have a separate online database for consumers to check that their details are correct as they will not have access to the MyLicence system. This system, called View Driver Record, is being piloted by the DVLA and is due to launch next month. Any drivers who do not have access to the internet will be able to use a service where telephone operators will talk them through their driving information held online. This may be helpful for many motorists as sometimes licences do not get updated when points have been added if you have forgotten to send your licence in. 

The migration of driving licence data online is part of the Government's digital agenda, which has been gradually moving services on to the internet.

The paper counterpart of a driving licence is due to be phased out by 2015 in favour of a photo-card licence. Plus the paper car tax discs are due to be scrapped from October this year. 


What a load of drivel. If you are "clean" you have nothing to worry about. Get a life!

Go see David Icke at Wembley 25th October 2014, and wake up to reality! The man who was laughed at many years ago and everything he proclaimed then is all coming to light now!

The DVLA deceive you into registration, application and submission. Most people think they own their cars, but this is not true. Have you ever wondered why the V5 document refers to you as 'registered keeper'? Registration according to Law Dictionary is the act of signing over ownership of the thing, this unfortunately includes land, and even children. Application means to beg, and submit is to bend to another’s will. So by submitting an application for registration, you are willingly handing over ownership of the said item. Ever wondered why the DVLA can take away your car and crush it? It’s because they own your car, you begged them to own it. You are merely the keeper, if it was your car, taking it from you would be theft. Please visit for further info, or watch videos such as 'the grand deception' on google video.

The DVLA has one purpose only. To control you and make you pay for the privilege. To enable the establishment to know who you are, when and where you are and nothing else! If you have the balls, deregister your vehicle, cut and paste the following into your browser...

Tax & Insurance should be aligned to fuel that way the more usage the more you pay.

Brilliant I've have just refused to sign a form at work to have my driving history and licence details passed on to a third party company to have my licence checked every 6 months on behalf of my company .im now under the threat of disciplinary action all because I do not wish to have my personal details put at any form of risk

Personally scrap road tax ad it to fuel. That way everyone pays unless electric and they don't pay anyhow. This new scheme is just a money maker. Down side there will be a lot more un-taxed cars around. Once again making it harder for sellers of second hand cars. Sorn caused complication and this issue has only been rectified recently and is nearly a fault free system but when did it first come ? years ago. Insurance companies wil still ask the same questions so wont save you anytime doing quotes, As they ask you about accidents still :( Stay insured is a recent one and causes big issues. I think part off the problem is insurance companies need to catch up with the times but there out to make money. It was only last year I had to suffer a policy that stated I can only drive other vehicles if they have there own insurance :( They mention ending paper license does that mean mine will be invalid ??? as I havent changed license since 1999 when i last moved and have avoided getting photo one as once again more money making scheme for government

Add 1p per 5 litres to the price of petrol/diesel to fund third party insurance cover AND road fund licence - that way all who buy fuel, including foreigners, pay for basic insurance & road tax.

maybe if there going with this system , the one for general public , should use driver number for drivers to access database . just one bit of adice for security

If that's the case then everyone who has clean license and no claims shouldn't pay anything more than £50. 3 points and 1 claim £70. 6 point and 2 claims £100 etc.... No mater what age you are. When are we going to have a say???!!! When is our vote going to really count???!!!

Wouldn't this system break the data protection act, considering that the system provides 3 bits of information about a person? Therefore wouldn't they also require people to sign up for in accordance with Data Protection Act?

Another stupid ill thought out by civil servants nonsense, rubber stamped by the government....and a money making one as surely it's not FREE - or is it? However, why don't they try catching the uninsured, untaxed, un-MOT'd, unlicenced driver, maybe with cloned plates, and get them off the road? Also the foreign registered ones which need to pay road tax and probably insurance....what are the ANPR cars doing as they give us a propertion of illegal cars on the road but never catch most. No, attack the easy targets again, soak them - and forget that 'Mr. Slippery' promised to stop the war on motorists, and the Minister to 'reduce the paperwork' which didn't include pinching a few weeks road tax off the motorist if he sells his car - and is aware what he should do. Roll on the revolution....!

all our details should be kept private at all times.

My main concern is FRAUD with all our details being viewed online the dvla e making it a while lot easier for people to do fraud against you as your driving lisence is one of your identifications, it don't matter that insurence companies will be using it as let's be real how many people know of someone who is working for a big company who will find details for these fraudsters to use in exchange for a bit of cash kmt I don't want my details being displayed publicly

If I believed that the DVLA could be trusted to get things right I'd support this, but having been caught out by the lost category cock up, I just think this is another cost cutting exercise that will end up with people fighting to prove they are licensed and clean. I got lucky as I worked as a dispatch rider and the company I worked for kept noterised copies of our licenses for their insurance records.

Is it to be assumed that the offence of failure to display road fund licence will be removed from the statute books. When I worked for an airport at parking service one of the checks we had to make sure that the car had a current road fund licence on display and it was for the car we were parking, so now if this type of company takes over a car and drives it on the public highway and it does not have RFL and the driver is stopped would the driver be liable for prosecution?

You will all do as you are told, and your details will be public knowledge, there will be no rebellion.. You will follow the rest of the sheep and do as your government tells you. 😂

Many points have been raised about the selling and buying of cars etc. and as someone who works with a vehicle hire company that has to deal with customers who wish to hire with us, but we have to refuse them because when we look at their licence we see that the required group is missing, WHY, because they have sent their licence back for a change of address/name change, and groups that they have been driving (LEGALLY) with have been wiped off. Now the DVLA will use any excuse to blank you out and NEVER admit any fault, so how will this work after they introduce this scheme. Ask the hundreds of M/cycle riders who have experience of this (me included).

I like the idea and have all ready seen the view my licence after reading this :-) for the person that mentioned not having the Internet the libraries have free Internet we have it on most phones and also in the post it mentions the fact people will have a number to phone also. I like the fact we can view so much live data about ourselves online.

can only be a good thing will weed out the low lifers that are uninsured because they do not declare points etc.

More CONtrol from those power crazed to$$pots. Its time for a rebellion I think, time for us to show who is in charge, we the people are in charge, by voting these crooks into office, we are asking them to run the country on our behalf, not to run and control us. Enough of this big brother nanny state.

Will drivers be able to remove their Car disc's from their windscreens after October?

What replaces the paper tax disc

Will this new system recognise and ignore time-expired penalty points still shown on the individual's paper record?

I am not sure I share the sentiment of "the only good tory is a dead tory". In many ways the British public get the government, the police, the teachers and other services they deserve. Left to their own devices the unspeakable will take power: that isn't tory nature as much as human nature. The level of political apathy in this country is apalling and most of those who grumble about the state of the Nation do not vote, do not write to their MP or take action of any sort or become involved in any way. It is because of that, that democracy is under an increasing threat from the Thatcherism that is still being pushed forward, mainly by the Civil Service who run the country far more than any government. My main concern about all this is how do I get three photo licences; one with a long beard, one with no beard and one showing me in between?

The insurers like the bankers avoid paying out at any opportunity, I have no issue with this system as long as it is the insurers responsibility to check the detail before issuing a policy, rather than induing a policy and only using this system to check in the event of a claim the details are correct then, they rely on the lack of knowledge of the public to avoid pay outs when they know full well the legal position unlike the general public, its fraud of the legalised fraud at the Highest level just like the bankers!!!

yet again its more tory crap and money grabbing and they will be sell the data on only tory one can trust is a dead one

How will this affect cars from abroad who already exceed the 6 months limit for changing to our system, surely this is were there needs to be a clampdown.

Another money making torie idea and another unsecure government web site your information is for you and the insurer not the whole world and is dog

Giving insurance company's more details only incorporates more reason to increase premium on top of the penalty that has been paid. this is carried on for at least, five more years which they charge us again, & again once sentence has been carried out for a motoring offence that should be the end of it unless of course your banned then No insurance will ever come into force until your ban is up.

In order to ensure that accidents/speeding fines and other motoring offences are covered ALL foreign vehicles entering the UK should be made to register at the port of entry. Insurance, company /Private address details taken and logged. That would help to reduce the myriad of outstanding fines etc immediately.

Great idea, however this is a clear case of watch out BIG BROTHER is well on Its way more to the point how long before the cost starts to fall. or bye the time it dose start to fall the insurance companies will find something else to keep the cost rising as they will do anything to make money and keep a get out clause over the drivers they insure.

Interesting that its going to be called 'MyLicence' but I cannot view it! Then again it appears that the NHS is selling off my medical data (unless I specifically say I don't want them too), but its nigh on impossible to for me to see my own records, so why am I not surprised. Not a bad idea in principle as I suspect many people have a convenient lapse of memory when giving out this sort of info to insurance companies. As for the lady who 'still wants a Tax Disc and a Licence', most people have photocard licences now anyway and its an inconvenience having to find the paper bit (which some organisations insist on, so I'm all for getting rid of that. I do agree about Tax Discs though as is means that you can buy a car privately and be able to drive it away. Come September, the current owner has to reclaim the remainder (but only whole months) and the new owner has to buy a new RFL (well apply for it) before they can use the car legally. The Government will get an extra months RFL everytime a car changes hands (bonus) and it means that if you go to look at a car you couldn't take ownership of it unless you could somehow apply for the RFL on the spot. Not sure how this is going to work but I don't suppose details like that will bother the mandarins who came up with this as they probably get Ministerial vehicles.

Good idea but more importantly is having all foreign vehicles registered so they have insurance & MOT.

What happens if someone is not on line? Please leave as it is, I want a tax disc, and driving licence. Not everyone is on line, therefore it will not work.

What a wonderful idea, this should help with insurance premiums, as well as keeping those people who have broken the laws from driving. I think that I would rather be knocked down by an insured driver than by an idiot who disregards the health and safety of others. Thank you