posted 4 years ago

DVLA: Licence Point Cheats Face Clampdown

£1,000 fine for holding two driving licences

Thousands of motorists face a £1,000 fine for holding two driving licences that might be used to cheat the penalty point disqualification rules once a new law comes into force. 

As things stand, a motorist might have two driving licences – each issued from different countries within the European Union or European Economic Area. 

If the motorist commits an offence in one country – such as dangerous driving – penalty points are added to the relevant licence. A ban follows if a pre-defined total is reached. 

However, the motorist might continue to drive on the second licence - or spread the penalty points between licences - so that both remain below the banning threshold. 

European Commission Driving Licence Directive 2006/126/EC makes holding two licences illegal on this basis, and the British Government is now changing UK law in line with European legislation.

The Government says: “We believe that this change will enhance road safety standards by removing the risk of individuals holding more than 1 licence, for example, to prevent them from spreading penalty points received for traffic offences between licences.” 

The Government says it “must” change the law to comply with the European Directive, but has set-up a consultation process so the public can have its say. Interested parties can express their views by post, e-mail or online survey by 13 February, 2015. 


I strong agree with that, I know some people have two licences using in UK a abroad one and abroad a UK one, avoid this way to get banned from dangerous driving, also UK need take care about fake licences, lots of Portuguese fake licences are been used in the past and still been used at the present, apparently they cost only £120 somewhere, nobody check if they are fake or not, people still use that to driving and insurance proposes without any problems

If they have 1 licence or 2 it will not make any difference to the standard of driving. they still have to get caught to get banned. I live in the Bradford area and the amount of you teenage drivers you encounter on the wrong side of the road, because they will not wait in a queue.

I'm foreigner and I don't have more than one licence (I've swapped my Lithuanian driving licence to UK driving licence when I've moved here), and I strongly agree with this new EU rule, roads will be a lot safer when these fools won't be able to have and drive a car, I would also propose to ban the use of foreign cars here as most of it are old rubbish and therefore are risk to other drivers.

It seems to me that even if it is banned nothing will happen. Law abiding citizens are being made fools of yet again!

Here we go again procrastination is the thief of time just get on with it.This government and the rest of the of the week kneed members of our lawmakers seem unable to do anything without a long winded debate meanwhile the rest of us suffer paying more for our insurance.

Seems to me like a back entry into more ties with the EU and is it really an issue in Britain. As for foreigners getting off,nothing surprising about that,Brits are after second class irrelevant nuisances which has been agreed by the 4 major parties in Britain i.e. Lab,Tory,Lib Dem,SNP and of course the EU who control the 4 parties above,now shut up and stop making out Brtian is a democratic...still.

I'm not a license holder as I don't live in America I am a UK licence holder though I thought there was already a law about middle lane hoggers and those who were caught driving uninsured had their car seized already? Perhaps the UK should make a law requiring foreign registered cars to produce their insurance papers on demand

The Government says it has set up a consultation process so the public can have its say... What are the public going to say? 'Let those with 2 licences keep them and possibly abuse the system'. A consultation is yet another example of this government's 'complete waste of public money projects'. Why doesn't commonsense prevail and just get on with it and ban the holding of 2 licences!

I know a lady who uses her French Car in the UK for a substantial part of the year, the car is registered / taxed and insured in France and she holds a French Driving Licence. She has told me this is legal as the longest time she spends in the UK is 5 months. There could be an argument to say she should pay some of her road tax to the UK but I think this could be difficult from an administration point of view. I

Not sure about this being ‘joined up thinking’ but at least it’s a start. Penalty points are the tip of the iceberg. Foreign drivers/cars and UK residents who don’t hold a valid licence/drive untaxed/uninsured (or probably all 3), are a significant problem. In most other countries, a number of offences are liable to on-the-spot fines but here most are simply reportable and since you don’t have to carry any sort of identification, giving false information is easy. VED, MOT and Insurance information is all held electronically now, so unless a vehicle is listed as SORN, then it ought to have records of all 3 being up to date. Patently this is not the case given the number of vehicles on the road without some or all of these, so surely it wouldn’t take much to produce a list of these and for steps to be taken to locate them at the last known registered address? Of course there would be a cost associated with this, and not all such vehicles would be traceable, but for those that are, potentially unsafe or illegal vehicles would either be removed from the roads or their owners obliged to comply like the rest of us. I’m retried – happy to undertake this kind of work for a small wage!

along the thread of non uk cars on our road I have reported to the police one specific car which has been on polish plates for 3 years and does not pay uk tax, the family live here and children have been going to same school for over 3 years but the police are not bothered, first time reported they had no idea the car was on our roads and the second time they said they could not stop it without reason, is tax evasion not a good enough reason

Hopefully they will crack down on those UK license holders who don't know what the indicators and fog lights are for. And those who drive 40mph everywhere. And also those who are stuck in the middle lane while not overtaking. They say UK roads are congested and that we need more wider roads. No we don't, the roads are fine, it's the people who use them that cause the problem. Policing all of the above (well maybe expect fog lights, but that's pure lack of consideration) would help resolve most of the issues instantly.

Agreed, but the major problem which costs us all a fortune, is the huge number of untaxed and uninsured vehicles, made still worse by the demise of the tax disk. The automatic penalty for using a car without insurance at least should be immediate confiscation. This could pay for a small army of officers patrolling the streets to identify them. our own insurance costs would fall dramatically, and the Motor Insurers' Bureau could be scaled down.

Any changes to make driving on the road safer for everyone from pedestrians to drivers and from the uninsured, driving licence evasion to avoiding road tax and all changes are good in my book, if you have nothing to hide then it should not worry you if additional checks are made. I agree more checks should be made on foreign vehicles and there length of use within the allotted time period, if they become residents how is the vehicle checked? What about MOT's, insurance and D' Licence for the owner of these vehicles if not residential and when residential?

About time there was joined up thinking. Well done

Good news for the license. Now how about those cars with foreign plates. To be allowed to drive in the UK they should have to pay road tax on a monthly basis just like the rest of us.3

Hopefully they will crack down on untaxed vehicles soon too. There are so many on my street, all owned by Europeans. I reported them a fortnight ago but no action so far. I do not think they expect anyone to check online.

Non.europeans have to change their licence to uk if they become resident in uk. Maybe now time to introduce same for those that choose to become UK resident as part of dealing with this blatant skullduggery and ensure compatible driver compentence with UK licence.