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DVLA Losing £170m per Year Through Untaxed Vehicles

Are You One in a Million?

A staggering 1 million plus motorists in the UK are driving vehicles that are not taxed.

One year on from the abolition of the tax disc, taxing your car was supposed to be easier now that it’s gone digital but thanks to a study taken by, it shows the true findings. sampled 30,000 motorists and the results show dramatic figures.

From the figures gathered, on average 4 per cent of all motorists in the UK are driving around in cars, which are untaxed. Across the UK, this equates to over 1 million cars. also found, that on average, 'car tax' costs £170 per vehicle - with this in mind that means the DVLA is losing out on around £170m per year.

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Majority Tax on Time

A spokesperson from the DVLA said, “The vast majority of people tax their cars on time, with over 42 and a half million drivers taxing their vehicles since 1 October 2014“.

“Of these more than 29 million have chosen to tax their vehicles online or by phone. We also still send reminders to motorists when their vehicles are due to be taxed. We send V11 reminders to all motorists except those who have chosen to pay by Direct Debit - they would receive a Direct Debit reminder.”

Motorists driving without valid tax could be fined up to £1,000 and face having their vehicle impounded.


Tax Disc History and Changes

The tax disc, Vehicle Excise Duty or VED was one of the most iconic – yet unloved – aspects of British motoring.

Since 1921, the small circle of paper sitting in the bottom left hand corner of the windscreen has reassured passers-by and police that a vehicle’s owner had paid their ‘fair share’ towards to construction and upkeep of the British road network.

On October 1, 2014, the tax disc was abolished, which meant that whilst you still need to tax your vehicle, you would no longer be given a tax disc.

When you buy a used vehicle, the vehicle tax will no longer be transferred with the vehicle. You will need to get new vehicle tax before you can use the vehicle. Sellers have a duty to inform the DVLA of a change of ownership and face a fine of up to £1,000 if they fail to do so.

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Terry Hogan, Co-Founder and Director said, “With the lack of a physical tax disc, it seems large numbers of motorists are failing to renew their car tax -driving illegally and liable to fines”.

“We’ve been helping millions of motorists for the past eight years and understand that the every-day motorist struggles to keep on top of their ownership lifecycle. Our innovative MyMotoring hub allows users to easily log a few car details and sends out timely reminders when their road tax is due".

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