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DVLA propose increase in Driving Licence Fees

The DVLA have announced plans to increase driving licence fees in order to cover increasing costs in complying with European legislation

The DVLA have announced plans to increase driving licence fees in order to cover increasing costs in complying with European legislation. The agency estimates increased costs of £19.6m between 2011 and 2021 to cover new requirements in the Third Directive on Driving Licences, mainly related to the introduction of a five yearly renewal for vocational (lorry and bus) licences held by drivers under the age of 45.

Three possible options have been clearly set out, option one is to introduce the application of a £20 common driver fee to provisional licences and the 5-yearly renewal applications for vocational driving licences; option two is to increase the fee for a first provisional car or motorcycle licence to £52.25 and option three is to increase the common driver fee to £20.70 from April 2013.

The agency said in its announcement of the consultation “the DVLA is required to recover the costs of its operations through statutory fees and any deficit must be rectified as quickly as possible.”

With a view to making sure their final decision is best for all, the DVLA are consulting their customers in order to find out which plan is considered to be the most favourable.

You can have your say via the DVLA website; the consultation period will run for 12 weeks from 22/05/12 until 14/08/12.


It does not matter which bunch of thieves we vote in,they all ignore the wishes of the people,and pursue their own agenda,so all the time we are in the eu,we will be ignored,and a bunch of unelected idiots will rule,so tighten your belts,the politicians will find more ways to steal money from the motorist,until we are out of thr eu

Here we go9 again - suck the motorist. How come you can have a licence from, say, Philippines - where everything is "obtainable" and driving standards unbelievable -and drive on that 'licence' for a year? Get out of the EU but note they have VED co9ncessions for older cars yet we suck full rate off people in UK: another Tory promise to alter this broken. We follow what suits us, but as a Frenchman said to me long ago "Vee make rules for you not us yes". Do they propose to charge 'wrinklies' for a licence every three years? This government is sick - hurry up UKIP we badly need you.

There are two different issues here: the ability of a bunch of faceless and (mostly) unelected people in other countries to dictate our laws, and equality in the way which the cost of implementing these laws is achieved. Many respondents appear to be concentrating on the one they can do least about (for the moment anyway). Until the Government 'grows a pair' and gives the British public the right to determine whether we stay in the EU (which is long overdue), there is little point in whinging about the ramifications of being a EU member (I voted against it in the early 70's so don't blame me!). If we are required to implement these laws, then there is no reason why the cost should be borne by people who are not affected by them. 'Vocational' drivers are the ones affected, so it seems fair that the cost should be met by a fee to renew those licenses. According to the DVLA website, these renewals are currently free and the point is made that the rest of the motoring public are effectively cross subsidising this activity. There is certainly no justification for making new drivers obtaining their first provisional licence subsidise the vocational renewals.

Bring back Maggie .. ;you may not have agreed with everything she said or did, but at least she had a backbone and stood up to the EU gravy train. We want OUT.

Another way of getting more money out of the taxpayer to pay bigger wages and expences to overpaid EU politicians and eurocrats on the EU gravytrain. Get out the EU.before they ruin us!!

Why does the government let other countries dictate to us YET AGAIN, these countries have already made a complete and utter mess of their countries and are now doing the same to us, why should we have to comply to them yet again

Ref the comment from Richard Stead....Richard, my complaint was that there was still a year left on my old licence, so I saw no reason for them to 'cut me off'; the way they did!! On achieving my 70th year, I was (and still am) as fit as I was before then. It so happens that I don't need those licences any more, but its the principle of their wrong idea of 70 year olds suddenly becoming unfit to drive those categories.I might add that they also took away my 7.5 tonnes (Cat.C1+E)entitlement which used to be part of the old licences on passing a car (Cat.B)test which was before the compulsory introduction of the C1+E test in January 1997.

Get out of Europe.

i think its time to get out of europe not only due they tell legal lies about unattainable mpg on cars which makers must quote eu directive 99/94 now our driving licenses are on the increase because of their regs {they even drive on the wrong side so what do they know}

Ronald sinclair Commented: another rip off by government hit the motorist yet again What did you expect Ron, the Labour government realised that they could put up the prices of everything from passports to licences and introduced hundreds of new taxes, once a tax is levied it's never taken off, only increased. Paul Forster Commented: At what point does this relentless persecution for motorist stop. Pay, pay all the time, highest fuel costs in the world, and they are talking about putting fuel up 3p a ltr in August. It is about time the goverment started looking after people of this country Paul the motorist was never persecuted until Labour realised we motorists were a cash cow, unfortunately money to run our country has to come from our taxes,now the public is in danger of forgetting that when the Tories came to power Labour policies had effectively bankrupted our country, whether or not high fuel tax is the answer I'm not sure, but without us paying taxes we would be no better than Greece, I am sure that eventually it will get better.

Well we pay more than any other country so why not pay more for are driving licence it is reap of britain

why do we as a country have to be told by other countries what we have to do dont we have a goverment that takes our taxes able to sort things out without asking sorry being told we must do as other countries tell us thought we where a britsh empire we seem to take all other countries people to live here so that must give them the right to dictate to us get rid of parliement because it cant speak for itself

I would like to back Andy Longs comment, his answer to the problem is exactly right.

Hi Ref Ricky Stibs comment. Looking at the Direct Gov website Ricky could have used the Download 'Medical examination report D4' (PDF, 211K)link to renew his C1 or D1 entitlement Via Renewing your C1 or D1 entitlement If you want to renew your C1 or D1 entitlement, you will need to complete an 'Application for a lorry or bus driving licence' (D2). This applies whether you previously held full, restricted or voluntary entitlement. You must also provide a Medical Examination Report’ (D4).Your doctor will charge you for this service. The D2 and D4 forms are available from DVLA local offices, the Vehicle Operator Services Agency, the Driving Standards Agency, Traffic Area Offices and LGV/PCV training schools. Or you can download them from the Direct Gov website. Hope this helps

stiffer fines should be implemented to people who are caught driving whilst disqualified or without a licence to cover increasing costs,punishing the law abiding drivers. is not the answer,its already expensive as it is

I think they should hold off on thi until the decision is made to give us the vote on EU membership it might save a lot of money being wasted. UKIP

Glad i kept my old paper Licence, No doubt they'll get round to changing that !!!

Funny how Politicians decided against following the EU with MOT`s required at two year intervals but seem keen to impliment this proposal. Draw your own conclusions!

The DVLA and the EU are once again trying to squeeze the motorist, this is discrimination against the ist time prov.licence holder...the vocational drivers (LGV/PCV)and the older drivers.At 1 minute to midnight on the last day of my 69th year, I held all the licences except for 1 minute into my 70th year they took all but the car licence 'Category.B' away from me.So in their opinion, in the space of 2 minutes, I became unfit to drive those vocational categories!!They even took away my 7.5 ton (Cat.C1+E)and Mini Bus (D1+E)entitlement away. When a vocational driver reaches 70 years of age. rather than take the entitlment away from us, all they need to do is allow the driver concerned to take a medical and an assessment of his/her ability to continue driving such vehicles...what a rip off. The DSA introduced the hazard perception test and CPC (for vocational drivers),both money making ventures which do not enhance the drivers skill. The hazard perception test is an 'on screen' test which is nothing like driving on real roads as for example there is no 'peripheral vision' on a computer screen and as for 'cpc', this was always intended for those going in for traffic manangement and of very little use to the 'hands on' driver. (Ricky Stibbs former DSA Driving Examiner)

This is crazy. DVLA have LOST all my details off my record. I now have NO licence until they sort it out so cant drive. I have been driving for nigh on 30 years and have driven buses and trucks for a living. Now, they want me to pay more? On yer bike. I would rather walk!! You are happy to pay a little more for a service that actually benefits you but why would anyone pay extra for NOTHING??? Stuff Europe. Oh, when are the UK Govt going to start charging all these damn tourist drivers for using our roads? We have to pay to use theirs!! Get the extra money from out of country drivers!!!!!

Tell the E U where to stick it

anothere way of stinging the motorist and the elderly was the granny tax not enough, will any of this money be put back into our roads.NO.

i agree with all the comment's, drivers paying for everything else,i am on a short license so for me every 3 years and it's medical time plus this cpc rubbish,i have been in the saddle now for 34 years so i think i know what i am doing.

Why the Motorists again? When I started driving it was stated a license for life, one payment. Now, I am being charged £100's of pound, hand over fist for additional medicals,CPC etc for the Europeans, that nobody wants. Do as they do charge them for licensing over here and road tolls immediately , NO DELAYS or excuses, and repair the roads as they should be considering the revenue taken from the road users. Stuff the Euro's as most of them only conform to what they want, whilst Great Britain must apply all. Get out, carry out road maintenance and back to ONE license for life (up to70 year old). You will pay NO heed to the answers, you will do what you want anyway: MORE REVENUE, so I would plum for the third choice!

Decisions made by Zombies living off the income of the few. They create no ‘added value’ to the economy, just their so called privileged live styles can continue to exist. Sorry I am but if that’s the best that wonks of Newport can do, no wonder most of the shops are empty. The sooner that this government rains in its executive arm’s spendthrift actions the sooner the country may recover! BC

The author Geraldine Ashton Green, With the following errors showing the DVLA as plural and singular The DVLA have(plural) announced.... The agency said in its(singular)announcement. With a view to making sure their(plural)decision is best

think the govt get enough already, lorry driver's like myself over 45 have to renew licence and have a medical every 5 years costing approx £90, plus now they have introduced something called a driver cpc to do with ongoing driver training as if we don't know what we are doing, costing £300 + then in my case a full adr certificate to pay for every 5 years costing a further £600 +. that's a total of nearly £1000.00 in just keeping myself in a job,to be honest i'm thinking i pay enough already ?

Another reason why there should be a vote on weather we stay in the E U and put up with there interfering way's in our Government or Get Out I vote for getting out ASAP.

another rip off by government hit the motorist yet again

I would like to know why we have to comply with European legislation, when we don't get the amount of bank holiday's they get- what a joke...I agree about the bankers, yet all the parties said they would do something about it. If I hadn't moved house I would still have a paper Licence & would not have the fee to pay and change every 10 years- the government just see the motorist as a £ money making tool( they should look at the banks in the same way)

This is another disgrace. Let the people that break the law pay more, for example: drunk drivers, driving with no tax or insurance.

think the gov get plenty off of thedivers why cant they get there moneyfrom all the fines the drivers get to sub the cost of a licance as we all pay avan taxplenty to get the licance and the you have road tax ,mot,fule duty and now caravan tax and now liceance fees increase and if you have a electric car you dont pay car tax but you use the same amount of road asant other car on the road

What a RIP OFF

At what point does this relentless persecution for moterist stop . Pay , pay all the time , highest fuel costs in the world , and they are talking about putting fuel up 3p a ltr in August.It is about time the goverment started looking after people of this country instead of draging this country down .No one person is capble of running this country we need a total radical overall of goverment and its crones .I despair!!!


I drive large vehicles and have to re-new every 5 years because of age. Personally a vocational licence requires a medical and if the doctors stopped ripping us of for the price of these then no probs

how will this affect people over 70 yrs of age? I have to renew mine every 3 yrs. at the moment it is free. my second renewal is due in 12 weeks time.

Any wonder the EU is bordering on bankruptcy. or another solution get rigd the top layer of managment at the DVLA...

Its even worse when you have to renew your licence as they only last 10 years and the paper licence lasted for years. So whats the admin cost on the licence thats all ready in the system oh sorry it takes time to push a button a computer that will have the details all ready saved

Yet another rip off 2 the tax payer. Rich geting richer and poor even poorer. Disgrace

i dont need a new licence the present one has not seen the light of day for last 3 years its kept in my safe ..another gov ripoff

One more Govt rip off to keep over paid public bureaucrats with gold plated pensions in undeserved jobs. Sack the lot

if they were to put the real price of admin on anything then they would all owe us loads of meny that how all the companies make money they call it admin and make a small fortune. perhaps we need to play them at the same game get a letter header and send it to them with a charge for admin

Sorry to tell you this but the next move is to ensure that no driver can get involved in speeding, plus, at the same time create a large number of new jobs. As from the beginning of April 2013 all drivers will be required to have a man, on foot, preceding them, waving a red flag!!

How can you justify the current cost of a licence never mind an increase. It probably takes a clerke about 5 mins to process an application say the do 15 an hour that's £300. This agency is supposed to be none profit making how about charging us the true cost of admin

How about we tax the EU drivers for the privillage of driving here on their holidays or driving here on a work basis to recover the costs of these extra european requirements. The UK allow those with a european driving licence the privillage of driving here for 2 years before sitting a test. How can that ever be right? We allow trucks to enter the country and make deliverys without paying road tax but in other countries we pay road tolls. Lets share the costs more equally for using our roads.

Either way we will all pay. Even if the tax was directed at vocational drivers, you can bet that the transport agencies and product agencies who employee them will recoup the added expense from us. "Is that cash or charge sir?"

Why apply the costs involved across ALL drivers why not go for option 2 ad chage against those that are involved (not of their own making but the da**ed EU) in the need for these extra costs

ANOTHER tax on the motorist!! We are an easy target!! Why don't they tax us on the air that we breathe??? - oh I forgot - that will probably be their next move!!!

Any more tax for us motorists? What about a tax on getting in your car? Or a tax on parking it at your house?