posted 7 years ago

DVLA Regional offices to close

The government is proposing the closure of all 39 DVLA regional offices by the end of 2013

The government is proposing the closure of all 39 DVLA regional offices by the end of 2013.

Roads Minister, Mike Penning said "centralising the DVLA's services is the first crucial step towards making more of its transactions available online, allowing people to deal with the DVLA at their chosen time and place. This will mean quicker turnarounds and meet our customers' growing needs." He said the centralising of services will provide "much more choice and flexibility around how and when motorists deal with the DVLA," including electronically and in partnership with others.

DVLA chief executive Simon Tse said the proposals were a response to the fact that "times change and customers' needs change". "It's essential that we move with the times and make the best use of our services and experience to make sure we give the motor industry and the general public a service that is fit for the 21st Century."

As part of the proposed changes, a wider range of services will be introduced in Northern Ireland. Motorists there do not currently have access to all vehicle services available elsewhere, such as being able to tax a vehicle online.


Another blunder by the goverment, let these people keep there jobs and keep the DVLA open.

I don't expect this will mean a reduction in RFL fee,But I do feel for those who do not have access to the internet-they will have to use the Post Office I guess or Snail Mail.It is easy to see why it's being done though good management is what it's called folks.

we have used our local stockton branch a few times & i must say it is the most efficient establishment we have used.i propose we close the goverment down and let the stockton branch run the country, everything would be perfect in the capable hands of the staff employed there.will support these peoples jobs as much as we can.

in ten years time when by which time we have almost cirtainly put all our eggs in one basket (internet and computors)we will be brought to our knees by the syberwebers that can crash most systems at will and whta if another country wanted to cause havoc to ours well that would be terrible now would'nt it!.......idiot polititions........"Too few idiots that have way to much power over far to many"

although i would agree with most of the comments , the above names, and all those other names that have aired their views . , speaking out on the Internet is not the way forward . most of you will have made your choice for the person to represent you in parliament . therefore you have put him/her , in a position of power ... he/her are now reaping the benefits , and couldn't care less what happens in our society , so, the only help we are ever going to get, would be from each other ,,. talking in little groups in pubs, clubs, cafes, and in the street, is;NT going to change or help any situation,. if we were to put all those little groups, into one large group, with one voice , we could possibly have 89/90 percent of the population of this country vote against this government.. this is the only thing that may make any difference to a vote of no confidence, and then, and only then ,they may take note of our disapprovement of there policies . we voted them in, why cant we vote them out ,.there are to many of them and until they make cut backs in there own house say 50to70% then maybe they could make more sensible decisions,,.

Do we need tax discs any longer, the dvla know who has paid, the police have access to the same computers and the process savings would be huge!

I know the worcester DVLA is to close so bad luck for car dealers, also our post office as just closed car tax not everyone as a computer

Another local service lost to centralisation. Cutbacks in the name of efficiency. More redundancies in the name of efficiency

I think it's absolutely atrocious how this government seem to see fit to chop and change things whenever it crosses their tiny little minds. What about elder people who do not use the Internet and the peoe living on the breadline who cannot afford such luxuries as Internet etc. It's time we got rid of Cameron and his cronies who have brung this country to its knees.

It is incredable to me that there are still people out there that believe 'centralisation' is the 'way forward' indeed it's a step backward. We are led to believe that everyone now has access to the internet, while that may or may not be the case, there are still a generation of people out there to whom the use of technologies like the internet is an abhorent idea. The closure Regional offices will have the effect of making any form of contact with the DVLA an even more difficult option for these people, further more the ability to 'pop in' to a regional office for 'emergencies' and services not readily available online or via postal services, is something on which we rely... You'll also be losing a lot of jobs around the country in a climate where too many jobs have been lost already. Do we really need to make more people unemployed?... I really think that the Roads Minister, Mike Penning, should carefully consider his stance on this issue... remembering that his position is a delicate one at best, and one where he works for what is best for us, the people, not for the government to save money where he can!! to end my comment ... Centralisation has been tried on various services in the last few years...Police....Hospitals...Fire Services..Council Offices.... Lets' be honest here ...has it actually benefited anyone but the Gov?... NO

a very good idea.Better change the system of taking driving tests as well.If you take a test of some one,let him go un-watched, beleve me 85-90% will pass.I will start doing all wrong including serious mistakes if some one is sitting next to me keeping watch on me, looking at me during the test with modern descoveries there should be a system to invent which could done away with the point I have mentioned.People know all the safety and other driving points well but they do all against during the test. Not fair.

If closed offices means no more road tax hikes - but I doubt it.

If the government are closing 39 DVLA regional offices by the end of 2013. Does that then mean more people are yet again losing their jobs!More people worring how they pay for their mortgages!and what about the people that does'nt use internet? the older people that doesnt know how to use internet! Is this just yet another way of saving more money but for whom?

So let's get this right: The closure of all 39 DVLA regional offices will allow me to "deal with the DVLA at their chosen time and place." How does closing the local DVLA office 10 miles from my home in Kent make it easier for me to choose where to deal with the DVLA? This sounds like another porkie, intended to save money for rich bankers.

With the announcement,today,of rising unemployment,this seems the economics of madness.Office cleaners,servicing & DVLA staff sacked then they claim benefits instead of paying tax on pay.WHERE IS THE SAVING?'scuse me not everyone has computer access or are we into 'social exclusion'as policy from this government?

Dealing with the faceless DVLA has always been a nightmare,thats why people use local offices so now things are just going to get worse.Yet again another lame excuse from the goverment

what a load of codswallop, the only reason they wis to close local offices is to save money and to hell with the service.

the sooner the whole of this totally incompetant organisation closes the better

This government will not be happy until everyone is unemployed

All to save money of course and what about the pensioners (and others) who do not have computers and internet access?

No! Bad idea!!! Some people need face to face advise, or to deal with a problem on that day. Not everybody can access online. The older people or deaf customers have problems with telephone conversations, ie regional accents. So no to changing the present system. GS>

More cutbacks in the name of progress! Sounds to me like another excuse for more post office closures. Don't like it - or trust their spin on it.