posted 2 years ago

DVLA Registrations Most Expensive & Intriguing Auction Results

Registrations relating to cars, names, professions and a famous comic book character collectively raise £5.1 million.

Most expensive registration

DVLA Personalised Registrations sold 911 O for £33,500 making it the most expensive of its November 2016 live auction. During the event – which took place at the Hanbury Manor Hotel in Hertfordshire - 1,500 lots went under the hammer, there were thousands of bidders and £5.1 million was raised for H.M. Treasury. 

Registration 911 O topped the auction as it refers to one of the most thrilling sports cars on the planet; the Porsche 911. The remainder of the top five included 110 A which references the Land Rover Defender (£31,000). Registration 400 B, in contrast, refers to the Kawasaki Z 400 B motorcycle and bidding finished at £29,400.

Plate 993 TT sold for £28,000 making it the fourth most expensive of the auction. It relates to the Porsche 993 and Audi TT. In contrast, 120 C refers to the Jaguar XK 120 and bidding stopped at £27,600. Other pricey plates included: 1000 AM (£9,000), 154 AK (£6,300), 888 AA (£5,100), 1111 AS (£21,000) and 500 CM (£6,600). 

Funny, profession and name registrations

DVLA Personalised Registrations sold a wide range of unusual and amusing registrations, too. 666 X has an arguably demonic note and sold for £20,000. 24 TV, in contrast, reached £2,400 and suits an entertainer whereas SJZ 999 went for £450 and might enhance the personal car of a first responder, fire fighter, or police officer. 

Plate AR17 OLD finished at £4,200 and could be a cheeky gift for a senior citizen. The same allies to C421 AGE that sold for £400 at the last live auction of the year. BAT 35L reached £750 and suits someone which loves a certain comic book character that has a cape.

Registrations that spell names also proved popular. BOB 2C went under the hammer for £2,300 and suits a Bob/Robert, ANN 55D sold for £1,800 and brightens the day of an Ann/Anne, TOM 3L suits a Tom/Thomas and ANT 911S sold for £2,500 and suits an Ant/Anthony. 

BMW, Jaguar and Lexus registrations

BMW 330E sold for £1,500 and BMW 4A for £3,000. These suit a: 1 Series, 2 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series, for example. M47 JAG hit £800 and among others enhances the: XE, XF, XJ, F-Type and F-Pace. B33 LEX hit £800 and suits a Lexus.

Unsold registrations

DVLA Personalised Registrations failed to sell several registrations that could soon become available via its website. These include: 8010 D (£2,500 reserve), 711 ER (£2,200), 6666 FS (£2,000), 623 GG (£2,200), 574 HL (£2,200), KE55 EEM (£700), MO53 LEM (£700), MS57 ARR (£700), 1975 OU (1,500) and 835 TY (£2,200).