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DVLA Selling Data To Parking Firms

DVLA Earning Millions Selling Motorists' Data

The DVLA is earning millions of pounds selling motorists' contact details to parking and clamping firms, the Daily Mail has reported. The Government body - that is trusted by the nation to oversea the vehicle registration scheme - therefore received £10.4 million in 2012 from parking enforcement companies. This was preceded by £9 million in 2011 and £2.4 million in 2010. The total over the last three years is therefore £21.8 million. But why? Supermarket, shopping centre, and hospital car parks can now be monitored by closed-circuit television and number plate recognition systems. These enable parking firms to log the times vehicles enter and leave the premises. If motorists overstay their welcome - perhaps while visiting sick relatives in hospital – the enforcement companies can purchase their contact details for £2.50 per-person from the DVLA. Drivers then receive penalty notices via the post which can be extremely expensive. If these fines are not paid within specified periods they can increase considerably. Whereas parking fines are unpleasant, they are tolerable if the enforcers operate responsibly. However, the Daily Mail reported that more than twenty firms were banned from buying information for three months last year for breaches such as failing to provide adequate parking signs.

Labour MP Graham Stringer Discusses DVLA

Graham Stringer, a Labour MP on the Commons Transport Select Committee, told the Daily Mail: "I do think some of the firms buying the DVLA's information are crooks - and certainly in the past they have used violent and threatening behaviour - and I don't think that is the right thing for the DVLA to be doing. Even when firms are approved there is no proper way of examining them. This is wrong and improper use of people's private information."

DVLA Responds To Its Critics

A DVLA spokesperson said that “information is only provided under strict controls” and that if a company does not meet the standards it will “stop the release of keeper information”. Furthermore, the spokesperson claimed that their fees merely cover “the cost of processing applications”. This expense must be considerable. The Daily Mail has therefore reported that Parking Eye – the DVLA's most prolific customer - spent £899,000 in 2012. Others include: Experian Aldermaston (£746,190), Ranger Services (£624,160), Town & City Parking (£245,070), HPI Ltd Equifax (£226,988), and Roxburghe UK Ltd (£218,903). Creative Car Park and G24 Ltd also spent over £100,000 each in 2012.

Bloody worse than stalkers is the dvla!

I don't think it should be allowed.

Dvla should give customers the option of not having their details provided to third parties. I'm pretty certain they must be sailing close to the wind with regatds to legislation and freedom of information. They need to be challenged in a court of law.

Is this not typical of Rip Off Britain and particularly this tory cowboy administration ? Pay your parking fees leave on time-don't give them a chance to fleece you and hope they go out of business as a result.It's cheaper in the long run !

Outrageous & unacceptable! The only people who should have access to this level of information are the police (for obvious reasons), or bonafide organisations such as Glasses Guide who for a fee will track a used vehicle's history to help prospective buyers know more about it's past. But if memory serves me correctly, they don't disclose private addresses, only dates of ownership or any registration change.I'm personally fed up to the back teeth with calls from firms selling products I have absoulutely no interest in, who have somehow "obtained" my details from another company! Who are these so-called companies, making money by selling our personal details, and where will it all end? If this report is true, then shame on the DVLA for sinking this low.

I agree that no company should sell or give out details without their permission. I just shows what a greedy lot the goverment are, if they have raked in that much why dont they spend on the maintainance of our highways and byways.

To Steve Evans... That is nonsense, I brought my Spanish car to England and got fines...eventually they contacted the Spanish equivalent of the dvla and sent me a fine to my address in Spain so you can't really get away with itat least not with a Spanish car. Also if you leave the country they can charge you on exit or if they stop you for whatever reason they can charge you on the spot. Another thing is that you legally cannot have a foreign car in the uk for over 3 months (I think it is), a friend of mine who works for a department in the police says they are well aware of the foreign vehicles overstaying their 3 month period.

Don't pay any fines from private companies. They cannot enforce any laws. Just throw any fines & letters you receive in the bin.

Hi got a ticket from a private company cps midlands, for a car that i had sold but they would not get in touch with dvla to see who was the new owner i was given 14 days to write to dvla why as they got my details first from dvla they are just criminals should be banned by law

I think its disgusting that companies can give any info about anyone,and not just dvla.We should have the right to make them not give any info,unless they get our permission first

I think people are getting confused. I think there was something in the protection of freedom act that allowed approved parking companies to obtain data from the dvla regarding keeper liability, not sure though

Strongly agree with other comments. Surely this infringes Data protection law ? hope someone with the necessary resources takes them to court to challenge the process.

surely this is a major breech of the data protection laws that dvla like to throw in our face if we ask for details or information about other drivers for example after an accident . i think this kind of thing should be stopped at the highest levels or at least they should inform you before releasing you details

I agree with chris, not good report writing that. It happened to somebody I know he wrote back to them saying he would not supply any information and he was not required to by law. He never heard from them again.

This should be stopped immediately. The trouble I had attempting to get information about the driver of a car that had struck my car was ridiculous and yet as long as money changes hands, the government happily passes on information. I suppose if we elect thieves and wide boys we should expect this.

This is absolutely scandallous!!! How can the DVLA be allowed to coninue with this practise; surely this myst fly in the face of the Data Protection Act.

The DVLA have been doing this for years. It's nothing new. However, the facility is good in terms of helping trace owners of vehicle that have fled the scene of an accident. Sadly though it has been abused for far too long.

What a terrible article. "Drivers then receive penalty notices via the post... If these fines are not paid within specified periods they can increase considerably" As a motoring writer the author should be aware that private parking enforcement companies that he is writing about do not have the authority to issue "Penalty Charge Notices" or enforce "fines". All they can do is send you a request for payment, which nobody is obliged to pay. My advice if you receive one of these notice, usually called 'Parking Charge Notice' from a private parking enforcement company, ignore it and they will give up after a few threatening letters. They have no statutory powers and would need to demonstrate their losses to a court of law, which they will never do.

Meanwhile, if I want to get information to trace a histroic vehicle I once owned, I get nada!!! These parking companies are in general thieves and crooks feasting on the poor -- a number of those listed in the article are also debt collection agencies!! Ban the lot of them.

Data protection is a joke! If I have not given DVLA permission to pass on my details it should not be done!! I wonder do they pass on details of DVLA managers, MP's etc??

Last week the DVLA refused to discuss my wife's overdue V5 logbook with me because she was not present to give her consent. So, they use the Data protection Act to cover themselves for perfectly ordinary enquiries that don't even involve a disclosure of personal details, whilst at the same time selling private and personal details to third parties. Absolutely disgraceful! Somebody should sue them!

I cant some firm of solicitors has not run with this it could make them. Why cant the Data protection act deal with this. Lets start a fund to pay for the action. I would happily contribute!!!.

Data Protection comes to mind. the DVLA should be stopped but then it's just another money making system for our much loved Government.

I trusted the DVLA with my personal details and have never given them permission to pass them to a third party. If they have and earned money from doing so, I want some of that money - perhaps the amount my car tax costs. If I want firms to have my details, they should ask me so I can say "No". This act by the DVLA should be make illegal. I have been contacted by companies for sales reasons and they know my details and the details of my car. This is wrong and I strongly oppose this action by the DVLA.

Just another case of Brit bashing , if you are Irish ( like a traveller ) and register your car in another country , or Polish or Romanian or Bulgarian they cant touch you , you can park at will and no council or private parking enforcer can touch them. Just purchased a car and will be registering it in Spain , now that I am a foreign registered driver I am above such matters as parking fines in city centres.

DVLA must be made legally answerable to this absolute breach of confidence! They never asked permission to disclose private information that they hold to third parties!!

Selling data in this way is illegal who is brave enough to take the DVLA to court on this? I thought the government were supposed to be "clamping" down on these firms not assisting them

If you do get a "fine" (they're not, they are actually invoices)do not pay them, do not enter into any correspondence whatsoever, just bin them and keep binning them, eventually they will stop. Nobody will visit and the threatening and intimidating wording is just that, words. they will not pursue you because they are not authorised to fine you, all they can do is raise an invoice so just ignore, ignore, ignore.

DVLA should be banned from disclosing motorists contact information to anyone other than the police. To do so should be made a criminal offence. The dishonest disreputable clampers and finers - and that is all of them - should be prosecuted if they attempt to get such information. Such prosecutions should be of the CEO, directors and chairmen of the company or body involved and should involve a prison sentence. These people have been praying on the old, the disabled an the vunourable for far too long.

What happened to the Data protection act? no one from the DVLA has asked my permission to give my personal data to anyone else so therefore are they not acting illegally?