posted 2 years ago

DVLA Sells Expensive, Unusual & Funny Registrations At Auction

Registrations that relate to cars, names and professions, etc. collectively raise millions for government coffers

Most expensive registration

DVLA Personalised Registrations sold plate “5 UV” for £51,000 making it the most expensive of its September 2016 Live Auction. During the event - that took place at the Eastwood Hall Hotel in Nottinghamshire - 1,500 lots went under the hammer, there were 7,000 bidders and close to £5 million was raised for H.M. Treasury. 

Registration “5 UV” is short and that likely contributed to its high sale price. Furthermore, its components might have special meaning to the bidder. The “5” might be the number of people in his, or her, immediate family and “UV” a set of initials. The plate might, alternatively, simply be perceived as a sensible investment. 

Funny, profession and name registrations

DVLA Personalised Registrations auctioned unusual and amusing registrations, too. Plate “666 BB” has an arguably demonic connotation and sold for £3,500. “23 TV”, in contrast, hit £3,000 and suits a presenter - whereas “999 TW” went for £5,000 and might enhance the personal vehicle of a ambulance driver or fire fighter.

Registrations that spell names also proved popular. “BOB 700R” sold for £1,300 and suits a Bob/Robert, “TOM 54L” for £1,700 and suits a Tom/Thomas and “BEC 4Y” - that resembles “Becky” – sold for £3,000. 

DVLA Sells Expensive

Jaguar and BMW registrations

Registration “150 XK” sold for £24,000. It is, of course, the perfect choice for a Jaguar XK 150. This sports car launched in the late 1950s, succeeded the XK 140, has either a hard or soft-top roof,and is highly prized by motorists. Prices reflect this status. 

Furthermore, “BMW 2T” sold for £1,700. BMW is a prestigious brand that produces a wide range of cars – typically in considerable numbers – so this registration has broad appeal. It might be assigned to a: 1 Series, 2 Series, 3 Series, 4 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series, X1, X3, X4, X5, X6, i3 or even a i8, for example.

U.S.A. registration

The DVLA Personalised Registrations Live Auction incorporated numerous plates that have a more obvious, likely, meaning to the high bidders. “USA 601D” went under the hammer for £1,200. It might suit an American citizen that lives in the United Kingdom, or someone which has happy memories of a holiday in the United States.

Unsold registrations

DVLA Personalised Registrations failed to sell several registrations that could soon become available via its website. These include: 236 AN, 753 BE, D333 SHU, 600 FY, 706 GY, 733 HEE, 100 LX, 208 OTS, 123 PX, 574 RX, 20 TX, 837 TY, 124 UL and 1000 XL.