posted 4 years ago

Eight Reasons Why Criminals Love Your Driving Habits

Thinking like a car thief could save you money and hassle

You leave your bag on the passenger seat

This is something which many people do without thinking. Don’t! It is all too easy for someone to pull up alongside your car, reach in and grab your bag. Even if you have locked your car door, it has been known for thieves to break the front window to take belongings before a driver can do anything about it. Lock expensive items in the boot, especially if you are likely to be stuck in slow moving traffic through an area busy with pedestrians.

You drive around town with your car doors unlocked


When you’re driving around town, you often feel safe in your car and forget to lock the doors. While it’s unlikely that anything bad will happen, you could get unlucky after stopping briefly and have someone jump in your car. Much better to be safe than sorry.

You leave your coat on the back seat when you park

You might know that there is nothing of value in the coat you’ve left on the back seat, but criminals don’t. Tempted by the potential for there to be a few pounds in one of the pockets, someone might just break in to get it. Keep valuables and non-valuables alike safe by locking them in the boot.

You make it obvious that that there’s expensive satnav equipment in the car


Many drivers today still use portable satnav equipment. One thing many forget is that when they take the satnav off the windscreen, a mark is left where the sucker was, telling everyone that they own a satnav. That can be enough for a thief to break into your car to have a look for it. To prevent that happening, carry a cloth in the car to wipe away the sucker mark. It only takes a few seconds and could save you a lot of money.

You leave your car’s door unlocked when you go and pay for petrol 


Of course, by leaving a car unlocked, you may as well be putting a sign on it saying ‘free stuff here’. So unless you’re 100% sure you’ve locked it, go back and check. It’s better than losing everything in the car, and even the car itself.

You check for messages on your phone before driving off


Many people spend a few moments checking their phones for emails and texts as soon as they get into their car. This effectively makes you a sitting target for criminals prepared to snatch it out of your hand. If you have to do it, make sure that it is safe to do so first.

You park in dark side streets and secluded areas


Whether you like it or not, Christmas will soon be upon us, and with that comes the dreaded Christmas shopping. And with everyone seemingly having the same idea, parking can sometimes be a bit of a struggle. It’s common sense, but park somewhere well-lit and secure. If you park your car down a dark back street, either you or your car could end up in trouble.

You leave the engine running to defrost the car in the drive


Don’t be tempted to leave the engine running while you pop back into the house to do a few chores. A passing car thief will be delighted that you have cleared the windows, making it nice and easy for them to drive away

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The best way to protect youre car from being stolen while defrosting windows is to use a crook lock around youre steering wheel,making it impossible to drive away.Mine has stopped car thieves twice in the last two years,once a night time window break-in and then a attempted multi storey car park break-in.Both times on a modern high security car,just got to train yourself to put it on whenever you leave or are not in the car.

Never leave keys in ignition when filling up with fuel. Always lock the car when paying for petrol and make sure those Christmas presents are out of the way in the boot of the car.We all get unforgettable it just takes a couple of seconds for thieves to pounce.

My tip is have a car like mine - a defunct Peugeot 306 Cabriole. No one in their right mind would steal that. It probably wouldn't start

If you have to leave your car whilst de-frosting for a minute, then use spare set to lock it, still not great! as they can smash window! But may detour opportunists?

My Volvo V70 Locks after about four full turns of the wheels i am told this was built into the car to stop car-jacking

It's timer the police got to it and stopped persecuting motorists for minor speeding offences, like 36 mph when you have to speed up slightly to get around their speed trap van (incognito van !)that blocks one lane out of 2 at a busy 5 way road junction. Penalties need to be much, much harsher for car & contents thieves.

My car is keyless so I start it, then go indoors with the keys ( usually lock it anyway), put keys in a drawer or further in the house, always lock doors when driving. Our jeep, in common with all American cars automatically locks when you reach a certain speed ( around 15-20 mph) don't know why ours don't do this. They automatically unlock in an accident. Always lock doors at a garage, leave nothing in view, check in back seats before you get in, park under lights, so much you can do but mostly common sense.

DO leave your keys convenient for a hook and cane to get them. This will avoid the chance of a confrontation burglary, the unintended consequence of making cars impossible to steal without the keys.

dont leave your car key on your hall table if a thief can use a long fishing rod or extendable magnate to reach your keys through the letterbox. too late for me dont get caught the same way

Drive with your doors locked? What if you're in a crash and rendered unconscious? How are the emergency services supposed to rescue you?

It is an offence to leave an unattended car with the engine running.

If you must leave your engine running to defrost, lock your car with the spare key.

You've got two car keys. Start the car to defrost it, lock it with the other set, then go and finish your cuppa.

Why are you blaming drivers for using their cars in the way they wish? The "criminal" is called that for a very clear reason.

They aren't going to steal that old phone!