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EU Bid To Fit Cars With Speed Limiters

Intelligent Speed Adaptation Technology

The European Commission might force motor manufacturers to install a system that prevents speeding, the Daily Mail has reported. Why? Because thirty-thousand people die every year on European roads and one-hundred and twenty thousand become disabled. It is thought that enforcing the limit more rigorously might reduce these figures. The system could work in one of two ways. Firstly, a vehicle – that identifies its position on the road via GPS – would receive a satellite signal that confirms the speed limit. GPS, of course, is already fitted to cars that have sat-nav. Option two is to install a forward-facing camera that monitors the road signs, e.g. speed limit thirty miles per-hour. The Intelligent Speed Adaptation system might then have three options for influencing speed. The first could be Advice Mode that tells the driver he/she is travelling to fast via a beep or flashing light. The motorist could then choose to slow down. Select Mode, in contrast, would stop the car speeding by cutting engine power and/or braking. However, this could be overridden if necessary. In contrast, Mandatory Mode would prevent the car exceeding the limit under all circumstances – no exceptions.

Experts Discuss Intelligent Speed Adaptation Technology

The Daily Mail has claimed that the Transport Secretary, Patrick McLoughlin, “erupted” when the proposal was announced and told officials to “block the moves”. As such, a government source argued that:  “this has big brother written all over it and is exactly the sort of thing that gets people’s backs up about Brussels. We are about getting a better deal for Britain - not letting EU bureaucrats encroach further into people’s lives”. Furthermore, a spokesman for the Automobile Association claimed that at low speed a limiter could be dangerous. Why? Because: “if you were overtaking a tractor and suddenly needed to accelerate to avoid a head-on collision - you would not be able to”. In contrast, a European Commission spokesman stressed that: “It is part of the Commission’s job – because it has been mandated to do so by member states, including the UK – to look at, promote research into, and consult stakeholders about new road-safety technology which might ultimately save lives. This is done in close co-operation with member states and the UK has generally supported such efforts.” Drivers must now wait some time to see if this proposal becomes law. Watch this space.


Incredible. It's just amazing how "the EU" is forcing stupid regulations upon us. Time to put an end to this mafia organization

Re: 12/09/2013 13:36:24 Robert Beveridge - If you think this would be compulsory because the EU says so, you are well wrong! Do all EU countries drive on the left? Do we have the same speed limits as other EU countries? Do all EU countries have the same limits on alcohol? Just three things that are very important with regard to road safety, which the EU does not influence, so why do you think they can enforce this system on the UK? You are using this article, along with another one about braking sensing devices, because you are obviously anti-EU and nothing your posts have nothing to do with road safety.

Did anyone point out the fundamental technical flaws in this article? It suggests that the road speed limits are provided by the GPS satellite. GPS today only passes basic ID, timing and satellite location information. And at a very, very slow baud rate. To suggest that these same satellites would also pass road speed limit data is not logical. The volume of data would overwhelm the system and hinder the original function of positioning. It really isn't feasible in current design. And, it is not feasible to think that DOD would retrofit the system to support such a function. I would instead think that the author meant to suggest that the first option was to embed the speed limit attributes for each road into the in-car system and use snap-to logic to place the GPS position on the appropriate road. Both of these exist today within existing PNDs and navigation apps. These are the basis for speed warnings offered by those systems. The missing element here is simply tying it back to the CAN bus and having the car's logic interpret whether to "govern" the vehicle to prevent excess speed.

If we stop vehicles from moving altogether then even less people will die or be mained on the roads but......

Speed controls, camera or man managed have failed to stop the speed merchant, most of these I call "Road Pigs" who have no consideration for others. Sooner the better.

Whats everbodys problem we already have a system fitted to HGVs which not only limit our speed tells us if we are overspeeding flashing diplays etc the max speed. This info is then transmitted to the tranpsort office from most vehicles and is recorded, and tells them what speed we are doing on all roads. Not only that but we are already limited to 56mph despite the max being 60mph on motorways some companies set this even lower to 50. So why shouldnt cars be limited as well particularly if it saves lives. Its about time we all slowed down we live our lives to quickly.

Proposals like this is what the EU is all about, it's a look into the future at Big Brother, vehicles will be made to have a transponder built in which will be a legal requirement and you will probably have to pay for it. As our roads will have been sold off to foreign venture groups you will be charged to use each road as clocking points will be embedded at intervals, and if you travel over the set speed limit for more than a predetermined distance whether it is a 20 mph street or a Motorway, any fine or ban will come by post, which you will have to pay for. The only way to stop crackpot ideas like this is to get out of the communistic faceless EU club, and take control of our own destiny.

Good idea to fit cars with speed limiters - but the limitation must only apply to cars of members of the EU parliament. The limitation should allow 30 km/h at it’s most. Thus the guys will get plenty of time to realise what really is necessary in European road traffic.

In the face of ever more powerful cars and aerodynamic designs where even small engined vehicles are capable of high road speeds, speed limiters are an excellent idea especially if they also incorporate acceleration limiters to keep the rates of acceleration down to levels where ordinary mortal road users, including pedestrians and cyclists, are able to judge, anticipate and compensate for changes in the road speeds of approaching vehicles. Cars and motorcycles that are capable of 0 to 60 mph times quicker than about 12 or 15 seconds are a danger on our roads. Certainly any vehicle with such a high power-to-weight ratio that is capable of achieving such high rates should only be driven by drivers who have passed an advanced test with a further more stringent qualification needed for cars and motorcycles in the "super" category. Drivers should also face mandatory retesting every ten years and doctors should be reporting medical conditions that make people unfit to drive. Until we got shafted and found ourselves in the EU instead of the Common Market the public voted for we had a long tradition of our police doing their job only with whatever Laws, tools and equipment that was available to Joe Public and regulated them and the police did not even have any special powers to support them unless a situation required the use of special powers; as the police were chosen to be people who were well above average in size, strength, intelligence and education it was considered they could do the job effectively without help and be a good example to the rest of us. Police and emergency services had no more right to exceed the speed limit or have immunity from prosecution than any ordinary citizen and they had to rely on having a reasonable excuse to break the Law; a defence available to any citizen. Presumably because the police are now no longer people who are above average they need lots of help. I expect the police and emergency services won't be having speed limiters fitted to their vehicles - a situation that will further widen the gap between the regulators and the public; a trend that cannot be condoned under any circumstances!

So, you're legally driving at 70mph with this wonderful EU GPS system. The road goes over another with a 30mph - what next? Immediate application of the brakes - I don't think so and this is why we do not yet have cars which drive themselves.

You're correct Wayne, I should have been more precise. People driving at inappropriate speeds, cause accidents. The point I was making, was, old people who are physically incapable of driving should be off the roads. I've had, just as two examples, one man who was classified as blind, and one man with a fused neck who couldn't move his head. He came up to a junction, pulled out and hoped for the best!!. Yes boy and girl racers are a problem, and you're right!!. I wish driving too slow was something the police would concentrate on. But first thing we need to cut road deaths, is to make sure drivers are fit for purpose!!.

Al foil can be used to kill GPS signals to onboard sensors and any outbound transmissions. What prevents someone placing a suitable photo in front of a camera? Lots of work needed methinks!

Well, next step will be probably to take off our right to commit suicide and give us an advice when to open bowels!? Well done, European Commision, you are better than Hitler was!

I have to say, I agree with the majority who are against this. Re Colin Hyslop's comment, I would like to clarify this, "speed" is the one of the main reasons for accidents, not necessarily high speed, sometimes it is people driving too slow (eg. OAP on motorway driving at 20mph), therefore the wording should be "inappropriate speed kills".

Jesus!! when are we going to bin the EU their a waste of time , making cars drive this speed and that speed, so what about all these people who own and drive mega sports cars , all cars can go faster and brake quicker in this new world of technology, so why have another gadget that slows down your car , dangerous and stupid , people kill people not cars

Further to my first comment... All these features that are fitted to most cars these day are there for "Your Safety" you can use them, or refuse them. That's the choice we are left with!

Most new vehicles are now equipped with "Sat-Nav" technology, My 62 plate Renault for instance... It beeps at me when I am approaching a Speed Camera... It flashes the correct speed for the road that I am travelling on... It has a Speed Limiter that I have used once... and Cruise Control that I use all the time. It also has Lights that come on when the car thinks its to dark... and Window wipers that react to a few spots of rain...!!! Need I go on, all these choices of when and if I want to use them have been taken from me. Please don't take the freedom of "The Open Road" away from me as well. Or what will be the point of learning to drive in the first place?

Another good reason to get out of Europe!

Rob Lunt appears to live in Milton Keynes. For info most roundabouts in "MK" are sighned to take the nearside lane when going straight on and outside lane when taking third exit (Turning right)Except where a three lane approach where straight on is the middle lane. There are some exceptions but all are clearly marked. The main problem is with drivers who don't look at the road markings and these are all types of driver, as are the pedestrians who wander across 70mph grid roads rather than use underpasses.

Such an idiotic and obnoxious thought. The fault for accidents/collisions almost always lies with the driver. We need better drivers, not robots and road dictators. Tell the EU to grow up and stop wasting time and (my) money.

Agree with Geraldines comments., about sterile environment, thats just about "Existance", ADULTS want to "Live" and make their own "Informed Choices" and Decisions, including living with consequences..

the nanny state going into overdrive,steralizing everything in sight,put an end to this lunacy,REMEMBER,nothing lives in a sterile enviroment.

lets hope it doesn't happen, imagine a fire engine/police car or ambulance fitted with this crap. as it says "no exceptions" I don't know whereCH lives but here in mk pedestrians are a bigger cause for concern as we have a lot of immigrants who unfortunately don't understand the speed allowed on the roads and cross wherever they can their attitude seems to be you will stop.. also the number of people who go round the roundabouts in the left hand lane and cut people up who are going straight on.

Why don't we just all drive around in reliant robins. If the eu want to cut down on road deaths, they should introduce mandatory medical and re test when you reach 65. I work for the emergency services, and I can count on the fingers of one hand, the accidents involving "boy racers". (Speed). The large majority are caused by old people whe should not be driving. Details you would not believe. Speed is not the biggest killer.

This technology is already fitted to many new medium to top of the range new cars. A lot of the system for it were developed in the UK about 10 years ago.

If you believe that,then you will believe anything!

Decent idea,all cars to have sat navigation with speed advise system. This should be a British decision and is nothing to do with the unwanted eu

who is going to pay for all exter cost when more collisons happern us on insurance

Wonder if the European Space agency is behind this - trying to justify the massive cost of the Galileo'pointless' satellite navigation system?

Its typical the BS again. These people who come up with crap like this are smoking good stuff or have been taking drugs again. No logic.

I suspect that this is more Daily "Hate" Mail Eurosceptic BS. The real story is that the EU Commissioner for Truth has suggested that the Daily Hate Mail be closed down and the entire management team lead out to a lime- filled pit and be shot.

I already have a speed limiter on my Peugeot 407. My Sat Nav on my Peugeot 207 tells me when I am exceeding the speed limit and shows the speed limit on the screen. Both very useful systems.

There is a better solution. Ban all private transport Shut down all factories. Think of all the savings - no roads to maintain, reduce police by 50%, no more traffic wardens etc..etc..

The Germans with their autobahns will love this proposal, as will the makers of prestige sports cars. Vote UKIP in 2015 to guarantee severing ties with this bunch of idiots.

We cant do it in the UK the government would go broke again the deficit would never clear.Question how much do you think the police make from fixed penalties?

More unwanted money wasting directives from the unelected numpties in Brussels.

all well and good fitting these things.. but they don't have the intelligence to read road conditions or weather... there's no substitute for common sense, some places I know where its not safe to do the speed limit.. and in fog I can see some idiots using this to judge their speed and think its safe because they are under the limit..

Wow what would the uk do with out the revenue from speeding fines etc

The enforcement of driving related crime seems to infinate amount of resource thrown at it. Where most crimes have seen penalties relaxed driving penalties seem to increase. Drivers are an easy target for our tick box driven society. This would just be another form of the now legal face of mugging. Every driver receives the maximum for their crime. How many knife carrying thugs have received the maximum five year sentence for their crime. (0). I think it is about time the Police forces of the UK started to perform the role many of the UK's tax payers believe we are already paying them for. Rant over.

Many cars alreday have a "Black box" (BMW) but few will admit it in the salesroom. This is yet another nail in the basic human right not to have the state interfere in an individual's freedom. If UK wish to remain in Brussels with the voters being positive next year the Minister needs to make it clear this is a "red line" matter.

Think of the effect this kind of restriction would have on the Motor Industry if it became mandatory? Might as well scrap all performance cars and just manufacture vehicles & motorbikes that are only capable of a 70mph top speed, with acceleration to match! If driving is so hazardous to health, why not go one further and ban cars altogether? This is what we seem to be heading for.

Some time ago, another ridiculous suggestion made by the Brussels Muppets was to fit all cars with a black box that would gather speed and positional data that could be accessed by the police/DVLA and fines issued accordingly.If this had become law, I would have removed the offending device, attached it to a small battery and sent it by air freight from London to Aberdeen!!! It would have been comical the fuzz trying to work out what vehicle would be capable of motorway speed of 500 mph! In all seriousness, enough is enough!!!

I think motorway speed limits should in fact be increased and tolls scrapped more people to use the motorways and tighten up on other roads by having traffic lights that turn red if you are speeding people would soon stick to speed limits otherwise will have to keep stopping

Enforce existing rules appropriately Not indiscriminate fines based on radar on sections where limit is too low. Go out between 7:30 and 9 pm and catch the idiot boy (and girl) racers, driving recklessly. There is no such thing as an ideal fixed speed limit, it depends on the circumstances and driver judgement. Only a policeman in a car can judge not a spy in the sky. Ridiculous.

I believe a better method of advicing people if they are speeding would be to have the road side signs telling you what speed you are going,most people will then slow down to the correct speed.

This sounds unnecessarily complicated and therefore expensive to install and who would pay for this? With effective enforcement is it really necessary and in tough financial times wouldn't it be better to spend a bit more on targeted policing if we're concerned about people breaking the speed limits!