posted 8 years ago

Exciting Cars For 2011 – The New Citroen DS3 Racing

Hold on tight, it's the new Citroen DS3 Racing.

Hold on tight, it's the new Citroen DS3 Racing. This hard-core supermini is the pinnacle of the DS3 range. For starters, this rally inspired beast has a 1.6-litre 204bhp engine and rockets to 62mph in 6.5 seconds. It can also reach a teeth-shattering 146mph, and cover 1,000 metres from stationary in only 26.5 seconds. Other 'hot-hatches' take note.

The new Citroen DS3 Racing is available with two paint finishes, both of which perfectly suit shy and retiring motorists. Option one is predominantly black bodywork with a bright orange roof, wing mirrors, and wheels. Option two is marginally more restrained, but the white coachwork is complemented by a contrasting grey roof. Both variants also have carbon fibre wheel arches, so this understated rocket blends into the crowd.

The DS3 Racing was developed by Citroen Racing, the team behind numerous FIA World Rally Championship manufacturer and driver titles. This, as you might expect, means this stiffly sprung predator sits 15mm lower than its siblings, has a re-mapped engine configuration, and the tracks have been widened by 30mm. These characteristics mean the DS3 Racing's handling is more thrilling than a secret late night rendezvous.

The Citroen DS3 Racing is a very exclusive machine, so only two-hundred examples are available in the United Kingdom. These cost £23,100 which is expensive, but it is a very accomplished plaything. In addition to the DS3 Racing's life changing performance, it is surprisingly comfortable, reasonably spacious, and averages a creditable 44.1mpg. Here is the big question though, can you really live with bright orange alloys?