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Exclusive Chat with Christian Horner

Team Boss for Infiniti Red Bull F1 Racing Team was recently invited to the Geneva Motorshow courtesy of the Luxury Car Brand Infiniti, and while we were there we were incredibly lucky to catch up with Christian Horner who is team boss of the newly named Infiniti Red Bull F1 racing team and had an exclusive chat.

Chris Ashton Green of said meeting Christian Horner ( team boss of Infiniti Red Bull and current 2012 F1 constructors champions ) was a real honour and he was surprisingly candid and very humble, truly nice guy but with a focus and drive that stood out like a true is what he had to say...

CG - Christian thanks for the chat and Infiniti Red Bull have just finished 12 days of testing so how has it gone?
CH - Testing has gone well and the car, team and time sheets are looking good, we have hit our targets and are pleased with where we are.
CG - Do you know how any of the other teams testing has gone?
CH - No it is not something you find out or even hear so you just have to assume they are all doing well and make sure you are at the top of your game and that’s all you can do.
CG - Will it be the same suspects competing in 2013 or do you feel that there could be a surprise team in the hat this year?
CH - I think it will be the same suspects but I think Mercedes will be right up there now that they have Lewis Hamilton driving as he is an outstanding driver.
CG – It’s well documented that Mark Webber can be a tricky character to manage so what’s his relationship like with Sebastian Vettel and how do you manage them both?
CH - Mark is a winner and all winners come with an edge which can be tough but that’s what you need, his relationship with Sebastian is of mutual respect and they have a professional working relationship so there are no problems in managing them.
CG -The team has a new name which will be Infiniti Red Bull due to Infiniti extending their sponsorship as a Title Partner, what does that mean for Infiniti and how important are they to the Red Bull team?
CH - Well Infiniti have been an excellent sponsor and their brand has been the 4th highest brand in terms of coverage even above the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes which is incredible for them, I think this title sponsorship was the next step and they will play an ever bigger role with plans to collaborate on engineering and development projects.
CG - On a lighter note what job would you be doing if you were not involved in motorsport and what was your first ever car?
CH - Oh wow absolutely no idea at all what job I would be doing as I have been involved in motorsport since I was a teenager, as for the car well we messed about with a Morris Minor as 13 year olds ( legally of course ) but my first car on the road was a VW Beetle.
CG – It is obviously a massive team effort leading up to race day but can you actually enjoy the race or the win if you get it?
CH - No you don’t even think about trying to enjoy the day as you and the team are so focussed in your task at hand, and as for the win or podium the only time you enjoy it is probably in the evening over dinner and a glass of wine when you can relax....and then you start thinking about the next race.
CG - Finally Christian is it true you jumped into a swimming pool with nothing but a superman cape after your first championship?
CH - Ha (laughs) Not quite....The truth is, It was actually when we got our first podium and the week leading up to the race everything was going wrong and the car was performing terrible, I made a flippant comment to Martin Brundle over dinner and a few drinks that if we got a podium I would jump in the hotel pool naked. Famous last words and Martin kept me to it but I managed to find a superman cape in order to keep a bit of my modesty so yes its true (laughs) CG - Christian thanks very much and good luck for the season.
CH - My Pleasure.

This Interview with Christian Horner who is the principal of Infiniti Red Bull F1 team took place at the Geneva Motorshow on the Infiniti stand on 5th March 2013.

Edited by Geraldine Ashton Green - content writer.