posted 7 years ago

F1 Spanish GP Race

Sebastian Vettel won the fifth round of the Formula 1 season at Barcelona, Spain.

Sebastian Vettel won the fifth round of the Formula 1 season at Barcelona, Spain. Fernando Alonso made the perfect start at the Spanish Grand Prix and moved from fourth on the grid to first before turning into turn 1. The Spanish driver used a combination of bravery and KERS to dive down the dirty side of the track and overtake both Red Bull drivers.

The first pit stops of the race started on lap 9 with some of the slower cars coming in to change tyres. Sebastian Vettel came in on lap 10 to change to soft tyres, and then again on lap 19 to change to a brand new set of soft ‘Option’ tyres. Fernando Alonso then came in on lap 21 but came out behind Sebastian Vettel, who made the ‘undercut’ move work so well for him.

Lewis Hamilton came out in front of Alonso after his stop, and started to slowly reel in Vettel. Mark Webber who had dropped down from pole position to fourth, battled with Fernando Alonso for third place and they nearly came together down the pit straight, where Alonso came out in front.

Heikki Kovalainen slammed into the tyre wall at turn 9 on lap 52, causing a yellow flag zone, where all drivers had to slow down, although the accident didn’t involve the safety car. Ferrari Driver Felipe Massa also retired from the race after running of the track and into the gravel trap.

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel battled it out at the front of the race, with Vettel holding the race lead until the end of the race. Jenson Button came in third, with Mark Webber in fourth, and Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso fifth. Mercedes GP drivers Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg came in sixth and seventh. Renault driver Nick Heidfeld came in eighth after starting at the back of the grid, with both Sauber drivers, Sergio Perez and Kamui Kobayashi taking ninth and tenth place.