posted 8 years ago

Fantastic 0% Finance Offers's new car database is overflowing with fantastic 0% finance offers.

Regit's new car database is overflowing with fantastic 0% finance offers. Here comes the proof. The ever-popular Ford Focus is available from only £199 per-month, at 0% APR. This thirty-six payment hire purchase agreement also requires a £5,650 deposit, which secures a 1.6 Zetec S 3dr. Higher specified versions are available too, but these cost £216 - £299 per-month. Deposits vary from £5,200 - £7,242. Sounds fair enough.

Alternatively, how about a brand new Honda Civic? This is available for a £4,495 deposit plus twenty-four payments of £350, again at 0% APR. Not bad considering the vehicle's virtues. These include rock-solid reliability, reassuring safety features, plenty of toys, and confident handling. This easy to live with small family car is clearly capable, but for some reason not as popular as many of its rivals. It certainly suits practically minded motorists.

Those who fancy a bit of Germanic solidarity may be drawn to the Volkswagen Golf Plus. This is marginally more spacious than the standard Golf, so it better suits motorists with families. The monthly cost of the thirty-six payment hire purchase agreement is £259, at 0% APR. Wannabe owners will also have to raise the £6,251 deposit. Granted, this is a fair chunk of cash, but please remember that the Golf Plus' list price starts at £16,830.

Further 0% finance offers relate to the Mazda 5, Renault Clio, Honda Insight, and the likeable Renault Megane. Choice choices, but overall I prefer the Ford Focus.