posted 9 years ago

Fantastic 4x4 Offers

Mud plungers rejoice.'s extensive database is overflowing with fantastic 4x4 offers.

Mud plungers rejoice;'s extensive database is overflowing with fantastic 4x4 offers. First out of the starting blocks and into the muddy field is the Land Rover Freelander 2. This reasonably compact terrain tamer is listed, brand new, for between £22,245 - £35,245. Fair enough, but if you would prefer to save a few pounds for a tank of fuel, three year old examples are available from a wallet pleasing £15,500.

Alternatively, one of the most capable off-road machines ever devised by mankind is the Toyota Landcruiser. This Japanese leviathan can climb every mountain and ford every stream, so it will make light work of your driveway next time it snows. New prices start at £33,495, and rise to £58,945 for the monstrous V8. Granted this is a lot of money, but this robustly constructed beast is worth the premium to hard-core off-road thrill seekers.

The Freelander 2 and Landcruiser may both be capable machines, but some motorists prefer their vehicles rather more German. Roll out the BMW X5. This lifestyle statement is available, via a personal contract purchase plan, for thirty-four payments of £599 at 9.3% APR. This is in addition to the £8,630 deposit. Consumers who choose to keep the X5 beyond their contract will also need to find the £21,070 final purchase payment.

Further tantalising 4x4 offers include the Land Rover Discovery from £36,745, the Range Rover Sport from £47,945, and the Volvo XC60 from £28,210. Finance options include the BMW X6 which is available for £615 per-month, and the BMW X1 xDrive that could be climbing a hill near you for thirty-six payments of £395. Who could possible resist?