posted 8 years ago

Fantastic Holiday Accessories to Make Life Easier

Drop everything! Why not just pack a suitcase, grab a map, and go on holiday?

Drop everything! Why not just pack a suitcase, grab a map, and go on holiday? The only other thing to do before leaving is to load the car with various accessories that should make the trip more comfortable than a week long massage. Oh, and I have also learned from bitter experience to double-check that your partner and kids are actually in the car before departure. Apparently, leaving them in the driveway is considered 'bad form'.

Anyway, I tend to travel light but some motorists pack enough luggage to sink a cargo ship. Clearly eighteen tons of suitcases cannot possibly fit in the boot, so how about installing a roof box? These come in various shapes and sizes from roughly 250 to 520- litres, and have a maximum payload of approximately 75kg. The downside is that this spacious facility increases both fuel consumption and interior noise. To be fair though, so does taking the kids. Prices start at £100 and rise to £700 for a top-of-the-range product.

Cycling is a fantastic holiday pass time so bolting a bicycle carrier to your family hold-all can be worthwhile. There are two types to consider, those that sit on the roof and those that hang from the boot like a peacock's tail. Prices start at £20 and rise to approximately £400 for an all-singing version. These hold up to five bikes but single carriers are available too. Some more expensive holders also fold flat, and have added security to prevent your peddle-powered playthings vanishing into obscurity like a failed X Factor contestant.

Further accessories that may come in handy include a satellite navigation system, an in- car phone charger, DVD player to keep the kids entertained, and flexible boot pockets that prevent small items rolling around. Lovers of refreshing drinks may also consider an electric coolbox that is powered from the vehicle's interior plug point. All ready then? Great, where shall we go?