posted 8 years ago

Fantastic Prices for Italy's Most Fashionable Cars's style conscious database is home to Italy's most fashionable cars.'s style conscious database is home to Italy's most fashionable cars. These mighty beasts include the Ferrari F430 that - as well as being faster than the speed of light - could be parked next to your yacht for £139,175. Alternatively, the Ferrari 599 is listed for £202,506, and the Ferrari 612 costs a trivial £217,775.

Now, Ferraris may be tremendous fun but they are less practical than a paper umbrella. So, roll-out the new Fiat Punto Evo. This stylishly sleek supermini is spacious, comfortable, and has a high specification. New prices start at £8,794, but it is also listed on a personal contract purchase plan. Terms include fifty-two payments of £135 at 4.9% APR, a £165 deposit, and the optional £3,353 final purchase payment.

Alternatively, family motorists may prefer the new Fiat Doblo which is based on the Punto Evo. This compact multi-purpose vehicle may not be as stylish as its sibling, but its family focused practicality makes it worthy of consideration. Finance terms include the £785 deposit, forty-one payments of £199, a low cost 3.5% interest rate, and the optional £3,277 purchase payment.

Further fashionable Italian prospects include the Alfa Romeo Mito from £11,490, the Brera from £23,995, and the Spider from £26,995. The Fiat Bravo is also making its presence felt as, via a personal contract purchase plan, it could be sitting on your driveway for £225 per- month. What a choice, but if you insist on buying me a present I'll have a Ferrari. Thank you.