posted 8 years ago

Ferrari 599 Melts Tarmac

The Ferrari 599 is so fast it might melt the tarmac.

The Ferrari 599 is so fast it might melt the tarmac. As such, this 6.0-litre 612bhp V12 predator rockets to 62mph in a road-ripping 3.7 seconds. Top speed is a life changing 205mph. Only light is faster, and perhaps me running from the bar when it is my turn to pay. Speaking of money, this magnificent two-door coupé costs a rather uncomfortable £212,066. Why £66? What on the car costs £66? The vanity mirror perhaps, or an old nut.

Let us put this car's value in perspective. The BMW M5, which is only 0.7 seconds slower to 62mph, costs a comparatively pint-sized £73,040. The Corvette ZR1 is actually slightly faster to 62mph than the 599 – and only costs £106,605. Even the mighty Lamborghini Gallardo is available from £152,280. The Ferrari 599 is clearly agonisingly expensive, but that is the whole point. The most prestigious cars are prestigious partly because they are beyond the reach of most folk. If everybody had a 599, it would lose much of its credibility.

So, the Ferrari 599 is everything a car of this nature should be. It is remarkably fast, stunningly attractive, and thrilling to drive. Equally important though, most motorists have no chance whatsoever of affording one – so this beauty retains its allure. What a machine.