posted 6 years ago

Fiat 500 1.2 Colour Therapy Finance

The Fiat 500 1.2 Colour Therapy must love flared trousers and afros.

The Fiat 500 1.2 Colour Therapy must love flared trousers and afros. Why? Because it is inspired by the seventies when calamitous clothes and hilarious hair were more fashionable than being on strike. As such, this trim is only available in seventies-style colours. These are: New Age Cream, Countrypolitan Yellow, Pasodoble Red, Volare Blue, and Tech House Grey. These complement the white wing mirrors, white wheels, and the white aerial. This throw-back also has a 'pool ball' inspired gear stick which looks much better than it sounds. Furthermore - in honour of the seventies when the now classic Fiat 500 roamed the cities - the 1.2 Colour Therapy has been marketed with period phrases. Terms such as 'ace' and 'far out' have therefore taken drivers back to the pre-Thatcher era.

But the in-your-face Fiat 500 Colour Therapy is more than a tribute to the past. As such it makes driving through cities feel effortless thanks to the composed chassis, light steering, and decent ride. Power comes from a 69bhp four-cylinder petrol engine that propels motorists – and their seventies-style hair – to 62mph in 12.9 seconds. Fine for the city but a little more speed might be helpful on faster roads. On the plus side, it averages a pleasing 58.9mpg in five-speed manual form and 60.1mpg in auto. Thanks to very low carbon emissions these trims can also be taxed annually for only £30 and £20, respectively. Furthermore the auto, known as Dualogic, enables motorists to either cruise in full-auto mode or select the cogs manually without a foot-operated clutch. “Groovy man”.

The Fiat 500 1.2 Colour Therapy is one trim level above the base-spec Pop. As such, the equipment specification is “fair” rather than “far out”. Highlights include: air-con, power mirrors, electric front windows, and MP3 connectivity. Seventies-style motorists can also add climate control for £270 and an electronic stability programme for a further £320. The latter makes cornering safer and is worth every penny. But despite this safety feature the 500 is not necessarily as easy to live with as some of its rivals. Why? Because it has a tiny 185-litre boot, the rear bench cannot split 60/40, and even when this is folded flat cargo capacity only increases to 550-litres. Not much space for LP records and kipper ties, then.

The Fiat 500 1.2 Colour Therapy costs £10,760 in manual form and £11,510 in auto. The former is also available via a low cost personal contract plan (PCP). Terms include the £1,750 deposit of which the manufacturer contributes £500. This is followed by thirty-six monthly instalments of £139. At the end of the contract flared trouser lovers have three options. One, pay the £4,567 purchase fee to own the vehicle. The total customer cost is therefore £10,821 including interest and other fees. Option two is to return it and option three is to part exchange courtesy of a new PCP. Pleasingly, if the 500 is worth more than its purchase fee – perhaps because it has low mileage – this equity contributes toward the deposit for its replacement. Perhaps that will be a strange tribute to the eighties. Mmmmm!