posted 10 years ago

Fiat Qubo

Boxy Qubo now on sale

The Fiat Qubo is better to drive than you might think - it looks slow on paper but in fact it is quite gutsy and refined. The engine in the Fiat Qubo is the Fiat 1.3 litre muiltijet diesel and it is used across the small fiat car range. It has a top speed of 97 mph and it will reach 60mph in 16.5 seconds.

The boxy looks of the Fiat Qubo come from the van that it was based on, it is very practical. The upright shape and low floor allow it to contain a lot of space; because of the raised seats the ample headroom makes this car comfortable and airy. The sliding doors also make it easy to get in and out. The boot is a good shape but be wary of the huge tailgate this could be a problem when parking in tight spots.

Priced from £10,750 the Fiat Qubo is cheap to buy and very practical, economy is impressive too at 62.8mpg.