posted 9 years ago

Five Fantastic New Car Launches for 2010

Motorists will be spoilt for choice in 2010 with the launch of five enticing new cars.

Motorists will be spoilt for choice in 2010 with the launch of five enticing new cars. The luxury sector, for example, is braced for the imminent arrival of the new Jaguar XJ. This stunning saloon is a radical stylistic departure from its predecessor and a brave attempt to change how consumers perceive the vehicle. The XJ therefore now feels far more 'cutting edge' than 'traditional golf club'.

Sticking with the premium sector the new BMW 5 Series will soon walk among us. This sixth generation saloon will make middle management smile with its fuel saving start/stop technology and eight-speed transmission. This prestigious lifestyle statement should also emulate its predecessor by handling beautifully and lasting long enough to become a family heirloom.

Motorists who crave affordable practicality may be tempted by the new Volkswagen Golf Estate. This Germanic workhorse earns plaudits for its Scirocco inspired styling and high-quality construction. There will be a wide range of models including S, SE, and Sportline trims. However, eco warriors will have to wait for the super-efficient BlueMotion which may actually be more environmentally friendly than walking.

Buyers who fancy a quirky crossover can look to the new Hyundai ix35. This unconventionally styled vehicle replaces the Tucson and will be available with front and four-wheel drive. However, despite power going to each corner the ix35 is likely to be more at home in the urban jungle than the actual Amazon.

The final vehicle for consideration is the new Honda CR-Z. This brings together three words which are traditionally uncomfortable bedfellows - sporty, coupé, and hybrid. The CR-Z has a wide track and short-wheelbase for responsive agile handling. Power comes courtesy of a traditional 1.5-litre engine and Honda's IMA hybrid system. The CR-Z is also the first hybrid to have six-speed manual transmission. Perhaps this tantalising coupé will prove revolutionary and permanently change the perception of hybrid cars.