posted 6 years ago

Fixed Penalty Fines could increase

UK motorists could be hit with an increase to fixed penalty notices from £60 to £90 if a government proposal is passed

UK motorists could be hit with an increase to fixed penalty notices from £60 to £90 if a government proposal is passed. According to research by the IAM half of motorists asked disagreed with the government proposal. Of the 1129 respondents, fifty one per cent disagreed with the proposal, 28 per cent strongly, 35 per cent agreed with the proposal, and 13 per cent neither agreed nor disagreed.

In proposals put forward by Justice Secretary, Kenneth Clarke, the fixed penalty notice for speeding tickets, not wearing a seatbelt, failing to stop at a zebra crossing or jumping red lights could increase in a bid to raise more money for support services for victims of crime. Proceeds from the fines would also go towards improving road safety schemes. The Government hopes to raise an additional £30 million from the increase.

IAM chief executive Simon Best said “while funding victims of crime is laudable, the real aim of fines for motoring offences should be deterrence. We want to stop people breaking the law. Having an income that relies on dangerous driving won’t help reduce crashes. There is a strong case for this money to be spent on road safety.”


Most of our government are millionaires, if your rich this fine is peanuts you can break the law. It is the poor it will hurt some dont make this in a week, if you dont agree with it show them at election time and get rid of the overpaid idiots.

put it up to £100.00 it simple not break the law and you will not pay a fine

I do not agree. The Goverment wants to spend more time to creat more real jobs and get the country going. Instead of cheating poeple to collect money to fund MP's and Goverment members.

Seems fair,after all everybody's wages have gone up 50% in the last year havent they....?

so they wouldnt reinvest it the roads which are diabolical in our tax up fixed penaltys up easy money they say they put 80% tax on fuel cos they dont want cars on the road if they werent on the road were would they get tier revenue from yeh you guessed some othe new tax jokers the lot of them

I make that a 50% increase so let's off set the increase with decrease in fuel duty or vat the moterest is battered by all local and goverment departments and while we are at it it reduse expences for local and goverment officials

Seems fair if you account for the fact that inflation is heading that way isn't it? You park illegally, you get a fine. You use a phone whilst driving, you get a fine. No problem with that in principle - but where the justification for the increase? More police issuing tickets, safer roads, I think not. More funds for the red tape machine... hmm.

Leave the motorist alone reduce the number of MP's & Lords everyone else has had cuts. Cut out the waste in parliament.


Rip Off Britain. Keep on handing out the benefits to the lazy, feckless and economic migrants and keep on screwing the (legal) motorists. We need a revolution to sort out this country and the politicians who haven't got a clue about living in th ereal world that they have created.

The country is on it's knees so it just a matter of time before all our cash is collected how ever the government choose to take it from us.

The whole concept of 'Fixed penalties is morally wrong. To a rich persons its irrelevant to a poorer person it can be the difference between a meal or no meal. Fixed penalty is cheap and unfair justice and using the system to raise cash is morally wrong.

Well I am so fed up with this rip off Britain with Parking Fines, Road Tax, Fuel Prices, Car Insurance and everything going up in large amounts when things are so hard out there, l have never really been a demonstration person but now I will join one.We all need a People's leader!! badly " The French would not stand for all this, why should we? The Government spent all the money, they where in charge and anyway where did it all go?, surely they had the top finance controllers in control of the purse strings?

i strongly disagree with the proposal it is nothing to do with safety its all to do with another scheme by the goverment on how to raise more money and how else to do it rob the people it is about time we brought this country to a halt if the police force didn't spend so much on big fancy cars so the boys in blue have got new toys to play with the police force would have plenty of money and not have to rob the poor

Fining is ok if a misdemeanor has been occurred, however the Government are not satisfied with just fining you they also put points on your license! One or the other they shoiuld not be able to hit you with two penalties?

I disagress with the proposal the motorist of this country pay enough in road tax VAT on fuel toll charges parking fees and fix penalty charges. If Ken Clark wants to improve payments to people of crime then the police need catch and prosicute the people who commit crime taking al their ill gotten gains. stop punishing the motorist

I strongly disagree with the proposal. Main theme here is to raise more money and it has nothing to do with road safety. There are already so many speed cameras which clearly are placed to raise funds than to improve drivers attitude. It is not only one off fine but insurance companies also rip for next three years. I may call it only another scam under the umbrella of current government.

the government robing the motorist again

I quite agree with increasiing the fine charges for speeding. Speed can kill and if people drive above the legal speed limit then they deserve to be fines. I have been there and a lapse of concentration is all that it takes to break the law!

Kenneth Clarke is definately loosing his marbles.Most of his suggestion are way out of touch with every day life.

I can see the point of raising the fixed notice penalty, however i do agree with one lady saying there should be different fine amounts for different infringments. Bad or incompetent drivers should be penalised with heavier fines or redo their test (theory or practical). Why not have fines on the spot (if caught by plod)....Driving standards need to increase, i wonder how many people would drive better if they took an advanced driving test?

well the way i see it we put these fools in power and only us can take them out and we should be doing this sooner then later before they finish this country altogether. every one as took pay cuts but why arnt the goverment wages capped at 20,000 lets face it they claim for every thing so why do they need high wages.same old story the rich get richer the poor get poorer

Great for politicians to increase the fines knowing full well that it does not apply to them. If only the rest of us could claim back all our miscellaneous expenses.

where are we supposed to get all our extra money from to give back to this government ?all well and good to increase the fixed penalty fines but what abouut the people who are already struggling to make ends meet with extra costs to keep your job as a HGVdriver withthe introduction of the driver CPC i holda CPC national inroad haulage but that isn't good enough you want another £350 for me to get a driver cpc so where do we go now ? burn your licence and scrap your car because you can't earn enough to carry on with the RIP OFF TORY T---S 81.23 fuelduty and vatper litre just give your wages to the government and live off begging!!!!!

If this rise in fines is to support victims of crime, surely more should be done to recover proceeds of crime and to ensure fines relating to non motoring crimes are actually paid to the courts. It astounds me that honest people who commit minor offences are punished more than the 'harder' criminal. A £90 fine, 3 points on a licence and increase in insurance costs resulting from driving at 35mph in a 30mph zone doesn't really seem balanced with someone convicted of carrying a knife or weapon being given a £100 fine and suspended sentence/community service.

I think all of you have missed the major points as is the goverment.Fixed penalties should be different according to the offence90pounds for parking is a bit steep if you miss your ticket by mi.utes,using a phone or anything else while driving should be a heavy fine like say 200pounds and other more serious crimes should be even higher with penalty points,i would give penalty points as wellas fine for the use of phone when driving.

Strongly agree. Most legal infraction penalties in the UK are too low and ineffective from minor penalties like vehicle infractions to the sentencing to prison and the 'invisibility' of remission for good behaviour, first offence, etc. penalties need to be hardened up and if that includes me for speeding or for using my telephone when driving, I'll have to 'bite on the bullet'! As you can predict, i am in favour of bringing back capital punishment for certain offenses.

it just a case of the driver paying for the goverments mistakes not only do you det a fine you also get points and an insurance increase

Is it suddenly more expensive to take money from people. Why would anyone think an increase is overdue? It's not really a punitive amount. If it was really meant to be a deterrent, it would be £1000. If an offense was committed that needed a penalty so high, perhaps the person shouldn't be driving. In conclusion, it's another tax rise. A tax on bad drivers.

I think an increase is long overdue. To say that it is an attack on motorists is nonsense as you only have to pay if you break the law. If it deters one of those idiots out there from crashing a red light or using their mobile while driving then I would have to agree with it. Yesterday I saw a car driver with no hands on the wheel. One hand had his mobile and the other one had a cigarette while he drove along. Who would disagree that this driver needs a sharp lesson?

It seems us motorists are invariably the first and easiest target for the government to realise quick cash. Why can't they raise some revenue from the banks or some of the rich tax avoiders we keep hearing about for a change?

Motorists are easy targets for any government especially this one as they us as an easy way of making money whatever the cause. Are we not paying enough through road tax, fuel tax and other taxes. An increase in fines of 50% is unfair.