posted 9 years ago

Ford bring in Pirelli Winter Tyres

Ford dealers across the UK now have the latest Pirelli winter tyres available

Ford dealers across the UK now have the latest Pirelli winter tyres available. As the country is covered in a blanket of snow there has never been a better time to purchase cold weather tyres.

Summer tyres are fitted as standard on all passenger vehicles in the UK including the full Ford range. Winter tyres have not sold in great quantities in the UK until now; the tyres provide numerous safety and peace of mind benefits compared with standard fit tyres. Latest construction techniques and high-tech materials mean that winter tyres perform superbly in all conditions, even warm, dry weather but excel when temperatures fall. These cold weather tyres use a higher proportion of natural rubber in the tread, minimising the hardening effect at low temperatures and giving improved traction performance in temperatures below 7 deg C.

Paul Muers, marketing manager for Ford Customer Service Division, said “the snowy and icy conditions we're experiencing right now and the severity of last winter really bring the benefits of these tyres into sharp focus. Until recently, British drivers haven’t had the option of cold weather tyres something which is the norm in other European countries. With Pirelli, we’re changing that and giving drivers the chance to fit cold weather tyres and we’re so confident of the benefits, we will refund them half the cost if the winter stays warm!”

A set of four Pirelli 195/6015 cold weather tyres costs from £555.00, from participating Ford dealers.