posted 4 years ago

Ford Driving Skills For Life Makes Youngsters Safer

Impact of Using Hand-Held Mobile While Driving

Important: the Ford Driving Skills For Life programme helps youngsters be safer and more confident behind the wheel. The programme, therefore, emphasises the consequences of using a hand-held mobile phone. Why? Because one in three young motorists have taken a “selfie” while driving and one in four visited a social media site. Online activities included checking status and viewing photos. Driving Skills For Life therefore encourages youngsters - in a safe environment with professional instruction - to manoeuvre at low speed while using a mobile phone. The results can be alarming enough to change behaviour. Students also learn that a car travels the equivalent of a lap around an athletics track in the fourteen seconds required to take a selfie (assuming sixty miles per-hour). Furthermore, it covers the length of four Olympic pools in the seven seconds required to enter a phone number. Such figures provide food for thought.

Impact Of Alcohol On Driving

Instructors also emphasise the impact of alcohol courtesy of a special suit. This incorporates goggles that reduce the field of vision/cause blurriness, earphones that impede hearing and joint limiters/weights on the ankles and wrists. These slow the motorist's reaction times. The result is that tasks such as walking in a straight line and catching a ball become challenging, as does driving. In fact, there is a video of a lady struggling to complete everyday manoeuvres such as reversing into a parking bay, conducting an emergency stop and steering between a set of cones. This suit is an important tool as fifty-six percent of those aged seventeen to twenty-four have driven drunk (or know a friend who has). Furthermore, thirty-three percent have accepted a lift from a someone under the influence of alcohol. Decisions of this nature can prove costly.

Programme History And Dates

Driving Skills For Life started in the United States ten years ago. It then spread to the United Kingdom in 2013. Partners include the Society for the Prevention of Accidents and the Automobile Association. The 2014 programme will run at the Silverburn Shopping Centre in Glasgow from September 18th to 20th. It will then move to the Heritage Motor Centre Motor Museum in Gaydon for October 4th and 5th – then to Chobham in Surrey For October 7th to 9th . Participants - that must be aged seventeen to twenty-four and have a full, manual, licence - can sign up for this free programme online.