posted 8 years ago

Ford Fiesta pushes the VW Golf into second place

The Ford Fiesta has become Europe's best selling car beating the VW Golf

The Ford Fiesta has become Europe’s best selling car beating the Volkswagen Golf into second place in both March 2010 and year to date sales. In total 68,630 Ford Fiestas were sold in March 2010 and year to date 140,496 have been sold, VW Golf have sold 135,048. The last time the Ford Fiesta was ahead of the VW Golf in European sales was March 2009, so it remains to be seen whether it can hold top position this time round.

The Ford Fiesta which was recently awarded Auto Express Car of the Year continues to be the UK’s top selling car. With excellent fuel economy, low CO2 emissions, cheap road tax and lower insurance costs the new Ford Fiesta really is worthy of Car of the Year.

Lighter in weight but stronger and with a stiffer body, the new Ford Fiesta feels and looks a much improved car and you can bet it will be near or at the top of all the Car of the Year awards and competitions. It really is a very pleasing modern car to look at and quite distinctive. Better still it looks expensive and upmarket. The three-door models look sportier but the five-door models are in real life more practical. The interior of the Ford Fiesta has a nice combination of textures and materials. The new all-electric power steering is perfectly weighted, precise and gives good feedback.