posted 6 years ago

Ford Fiesta Studio Finance

Is your lifelong ambition to own a Ford Fiesta Studio 1.2 60PS 3dr?

Is your lifelong ambition to own a Ford Fiesta Studio 1.2 60PS 3dr? If so, check-out its manufacturer's finance offer. Terms for this personal contract purchase plan include a £1,605.95 deposit, followed by twenty-four monthly payments of £109. Throughout this period, motorists have an annual mileage allowance of 9,000. At the end of the term there are two options. One is to pay the £5,124 purchase payment to own the car outright – totalling £9,355.96 including the £10 purchase fee. Option two is to return the Fiesta. There should be nothing else to pay in this scenario subject to any mileage excess charges and condition. Just sign-up by September 30th and ensure the car is registered by the end of 2012.

The Ford Fiesta Studio 1.2 60PS 3dr has strengths that make ownership a worthy aspiration. It handles beautifully, for starters, plus it has a spacious cabin and 295-litre boot. Cargo capacity can be increased to a spacious 979-litres by folding the rear seats flat. The Fiesta also feels beautifully screwed together and has sharp looks. This supermini has sensible running costs too. It, therefore, averages 51.4mpg and can be taxed annually for £100. Standard equipment includes: power steering, electronic stability programme, electric mirrors, and a CD player – but it lacks air-con. That is slightly annoying, but there is a more significant issue that might make motorists rethink their aspirations. The 1.2-litre petrol engine only produces 60PS, so this supermini takes a never-ending 16.9 seconds to hit 62mph. Putting that aside, there is no reason not to 'crave' the Ford Fiesta Studio 1.2 60PS.