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Ford Fiesta Studio Finance

Ford Fiesta Studio 1.25 Personal Contract Plan

How refreshing. The Ford Fiesta Studio is a straightforward car – for those with straightforward needs – that want to purchase via straightforward, low cost, finance. Terms include the £1,659.87 deposit of which the manufacturer contributes £750. This precedes a first monthly payment of £129 that includes a £10 finance facility fee. It is followed by twenty-three instalments of £109 (total £4,295.87). At the end of the term the motorist has three straightforward options. One, pay the £5,193 final payment to own this supermini outright. Expenditure then rises to £9,488.87 including the £10 purchase fee and £533.87 interest (4.2% APR representative). Option two is to return the car whereby there is nothing to pay subject to condition/mileage. Option three is to purchase by settling the final payment, then part exchange via a new finance plan. If the car is worth more than its final payment – perhaps because straightforward cars are popular at that time - any difference contributes toward the replacement vehicle's deposit. The buyer - and this is refreshingly straightforward to - simply has to commit to this offer by September 30th 2014 and ensure the car is registered by the end of the year.

Ford Fiesta Studio 1.25 Review

How refreshing. The Ford Fiesta Studio 1.25 – even though it is the straightforward, entry-level, trim - has class-leading handling that makes motoring entertaining and effortless. As such, it charges through corners with supreme confidence and has precise steering. The ride is comfortable too - so in many ways this workhorse performs beyond its price tag. But there is one niggle. The petrol engine can feel strained as it sends very little power though the five-speed manual transmission (60PS). In fact, this four-cylinder requires 16.9 seconds to propel motorists to 62mph. At least it feels more nippy than this figure suggests at town speeds. It also compensates by averaging 54.3mpg, returning 67.3mpg on the extra-urban cycle and hitting 41.5mpg in town. Not bad figures for a low-end petrol. Furthermore, minimal fuel consumption ensures low emissions so this run-around can be taxed for free in year one, then £30 thereafter (current rates). The Fiesta also has a straightforward specification that includes the essentials but lacks what some people consider the unnecessary extras. These, they reason, are simply things to break. Highlights includes its: power steering, electronic stability program, central locking, electric mirrors, electric windows and CD player. It also seats four people in comfort and has a decent 276-litre boot. Gotta love straightforward.


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Good Offer