Which is best then? The Ford Fiesta or the Seat Ibiza?

Which is best then? The Ford Fiesta or the Seat Ibiza? This is a tricky question as both these superminis have: fun-focussed handling, a pleasing equipment specification, robust construction, and super-stylish looks. Furthermore, both have similar 300-litre cargo capacities and fashionable images to make the neighbours jealous. So, how can we separate these capable machines? Time to consider their environmental credentials.

Warming-up in the green corner is the Ford Fiesta Edge Econetic 1.6 TDCi DPF. This is the most fuel efficient variant in the range. As such, this eco-maestro averages a mighty 76.3mpg and returns 88.3mpg on the extra-urban cycle. Emissions are 95g/km, which is less than my old bicycle. Hold on though. The Seat Ibiza S Copa 1.2 TDI CR Ecomotive is even more frugal. It averages an unbelievable 80.7mpg, returns 91.1mpg on the extra- urban cycle, and its emissions are a rock-bottom 92g/km. We have a worthy winner then.

Despite their environmental wizardry, these eco-spec machines have two slightly negative characteristics. Whereas neither is slow the performance is leisurely. The Ford takes 12.3 seconds to hit 62mph and the Seat takes a lengthy 13.9 seconds. Price is a consideration too, so expect to pay £14,495 for the Fiesta. Its entry-level sibling only costs £9,495 and manages 51.4mpg. The Leon costs £13,990 – £2,565 more than the cheapest version. But hey, nobody said being green is cheap or easy. At least your conscience will be clear.