posted 7 years ago

Ford Fiesta vs. Volkswagen Polo

Prepare to witness a bloody battle. Ford Fiesta vs. Volkswagen Polo.

Prepare to witness a bloody battle. Ford Fiesta vs. Volkswagen Polo. These are two of the finest superminis on the market – so they each have a vicious arsenal. Handling, for starters, is a particular strong point for both. They corner beautifully, have excellent steering, and ride magnificently for the class. Stale mate, so their bitter fight continues.

Next comes construction. Here the Volkswagen Polo draws first blood. Whereas the Fiesta is screwed together properly, its rival feels stronger and higher quality. This is evident throughout the vehicle, from the switches to the clunk of the doors. This German run-around hurts the Fiesta further when we consider its status. The 'Ford' badge says 'worthy car', whereas 'Volkswagen' insignia has a slight prestige. Bad news for the Fiesta.

Let us consider equipment. Here the punches come blow for blow. The entry-level Ford Fiesta has electric door mirrors, for example, whereas the equivalent Volkswagen Polo has electric front windows instead. They even cost the same, £9,995. Perhaps their environmental credentials can separate them. The most efficient Polo averages 72.4mpg and its emissions are 102g/km. The comparable Fiesta manages 76.3mpg and 98g/km.

The Ford Fiesta's environmental 'slap' hurts the VW Polo – but not fatally. In fact, neither machine can thump the other in to submission. Both emerge bloody from the fight – but the Polo looks slightly less wounded. Its robustness, status, and overall feel win the day.