posted 3 years ago

Ford Focus ST 2 Low Cost Finance

Ford Focus ST 2 Personal Lease

Easy. Easy. Easy. Buying a Ford Focus ST 2 is easier than slipping on ice while wearing six-inch heels. Why? Because there are three ways to pay. The first is a personal lease plan that requires one advance payment of £5,976 followed by thirty-five monthly instalments of £249. This totals £14,691. However, this package is not the route to ownership as the car must be returned at the end of the term. So, it is farewell to the refined 250PS petrol engine that propels shoe lovers to 62mph in 6.5 seconds and averages 39.2mpg. These figures are more than respectable. The contract also imposes a 9,000 mile annual limit with excesses charged at 6.61 pence per-mile. Funding option two, of course, is ice cold cash. The list price is £23,495 but allowing the salesman to borrow a set of heels should secure a discount. But whatever the final cost this sporty car has rock-solid handling, beautifully weighted steering, a sure-footed ride and smooth six-speed manual transmission. Very Impressive qualities for what is in essence a small family car. It also has plenty of toys such as the: heated windscreen, dual-zone climate control, auto-dimming mirror, automatic wipers, and automatic lights for illuminating ice.

Ford Focus SRT 2 Personal Contract Purchase

Easy. Easy. Easy. The Ford Focus ST 2 is also available via a personal contract purchase plan. Terms include the £7,616.77 deposit of which the manufacturer contributes £1,500. This is followed by one payment of £259 (including the £10 finance facility fee) and twenty-three instalments of £249. At the end of the contract there are three options. One, pay the £11,810 final payment to own the vehicle outright. This totals £23,922.77 excluding the manufacturer's deposit contribution, but including £1,392.77 interest and the £10 purchase fee. Option two is to return it and walk away. Here, there is nothing further to pay assuming the car is in reasonable condition for its age and has not exceeded the 9,000 mile annual allowance. Excesses are charged at 12 pence per-mile and damage based on severity. So, no running across the roof in six-inch heels. Option three is to purchase - as-per option one - then part exchange via a second personal contract purchase plan. If the Ford Focus ST 2 is worth more than its final payment - perhaps because it has low mileage or a nice pair of heels in the boot - the difference contributes toward the newer vehicle's deposit. And there is nothing slippery about that.