posted 6 years ago

Ford Focus Studio 1.6 Finance

Do you love the Ford Focus Studio 1.6 more than kids love sweets?

Do you love the Ford Focus Studio 1.6 more than kids love sweets? If so, check-out its manufacturer's personal contract purchase plan. Terms include a £2,775.16 deposit, followed by twenty-four monthly payments of £199. Throughout this period, motorists have a sweet tasting mileage allowance of 9,000 per-annum. Any excesses are charged at 7.2 pence per-mile. At the end of the term there are three options. One, pay the £6,252 purchase fee to own the vehicle outright. This – with interest and other charges – totals £13,813.16. Option two is to return the Focus like a bitter penny chew. There should be nothing else to pay, subject to any mileage excess and condition. Option three is to trade- in.

The Ford Focus Studio 1.6 is one of the tastiest cars in its class. Why? Because the handling inspires confidence, it has a maximum five-star Euro NCAP safety rating, and a smooth ride to stop sweets bouncing around the cabin. This complements the spacious 316-litre boot, that can be increased to 1,101-litres by folding the rear seats flat. Plenty of room for toffee, then. The only niggle is the equipment specification. This entry-level Focus lacks Bluetooth, an alarm, and climate control. That is a pity, particularly considering high- spec trims are staggeringly equipped. Under certain conditions – after all - some park, steer, and brake automatically. At least the Focus Studio 1.6 has an electronic stability programme for safer cornering, and air-con to stop sweets melting. That is tasty enough for most.