posted 7 years ago

Ford Focus vs. Citroen C4

The new Ford Focus and Citroen C4 are playing poker.

The new Ford Focus and Citroen C4 are playing poker. This might be a short game, as the Ford's 'whole' cards are both aces. By contrast, its opponent has a couple of mid-field nines. This is mostly due to the handling differences. Whereas the C4 is a competent and comfortable cruiser, the Focus excels. It feels sharper, more alive, and ready to please.

So, the Ford Focus smells a 'bluff' and throws more chips in the pot. These come in the form of high-tec equipment. It is available with lane departure warning technology, traffic sign recognition display, and active parallel park assist. This literally steers the vehicle into bays. The C4 has some worthy features too, including the: cooled and illuminated storage area, cornering lights, and blind spot monitoring. Very nice, but its opponent has the edge. The poker 'flop' cards are now on the table and this gifts the C4 a third 'nine' – and a significant lifeline. After all, it has a larger hatchback-style boot than the Ford. The Citroen holds 380-litres of luggage with ease, or 1,183-litres with the rear seats folded into the slightly dreary interior. By contrast, the Focus' capacity is only 316 and 1,101-litres. The final two cards are now in play and this gives the Focus four aces - far superior to the C4's three nines. Overall, the French machine is perfectly competent but it raised the stakes by fighting the best in class. At the end of the tournament the Ford's superior handling, astonishing equipment, and robust construction ensures it wins the C4's chips.