posted 6 years ago

Ford Focus Zetec EcoBoost 1.0 Finance Deal

The Ford Focus Zetec EcoBoost is better value than a half price lobster supper.

The Ford Focus Zetec EcoBoost is better value than a half price lobster supper. So - much like the sea food - it leaves a pleasant taste in the mouth. As such, it can be bought outright in 1.0-litre 100PS form for £17,545 or via a Personal Contract Plan. Terms for the latter include the £5,962.28 deposit of which the manufacturer contributes £1,500. This is followed by one payment of £199 (including the £10 Finance Facility Fee), and twenty-three instalments of 189. At the end of the contract there are three options. One, pay the £7,759 Optional Final Payment to own the car. This totals £18,277.28 including £947.28 interest and the £10 Purchase Fee. Option two is to return it. There should be nothing else to pay assuming it is in fair condition and has not exceeded the 9,000 mile annual allowance. Excesses are charged at 7.2 pence per-mile. Option three is to purchase as per option one, then part exchange via a further Personal Contract Plan. If the car is worth more than its Final Payment – perhaps because it has low mileage or a boot full of fancy sea food – the difference contributes toward the newer Ford's deposit.

The Ford Focus Zetec EcoBoost is one of the best handling cars in the small family sector. As such it has perfectly weighted steering, plenty of traction, and a firm comfortable ride. Power comes from a 1.0-litre petrol engine which although small for the class, produces 100PS. That is similar to a Focus 1.6-litre petrol from 2005, so it hits 62mph in a fair 12.5 seconds. This workhorse also averages a fantastic 58.9mpg and can be taxed annually for only £20 thanks to its low emissions. It also feels beautifully screwed together, has a pleasing equipment specification, and attractive styling. However, this hatchback's cargo capacity is only 316-litres. That is considerably less than rivals such as the Volkswagen Golf (380-litres) and the Vauxhall Astra (351-litres). It is still fair, though.

The Ford Focus Zetec EcoBoost 1.0 100PS is also very safe (unlike lobsters in a kitchen). As such it has an Electronic Stability Programme that prevents the rear tyres losing grip on corners and spinning the car. This complements the Emergency Brake Warning system that flashes the rear lights during hard stops. The Focus is also available with an optional Driver Assistance Package. This includes Active City Stop which - when travelling at less than 20mph - scans the road ahead via sensors. If the driver fails to react to an obstruction the system brakes to avoid or reduce the severity of a collision. The Driver Package also includes the Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keeping Aid systems. These use a camera to monitor the car's position relative to the lane markings. If the vehicle wanders, the Departure Warning informs the motorist via a vibrating steering wheel. He can then compensate. However, if he fails to react Lane Keeping Aid applies torque to the steering to guide the car back. Assuming fair visibility, these features work from 40mph. Drivers can also swap lanes without interference by signalling. No reason to hit any lobster pots, then.