posted 6 years ago

Ford Galaxy Zetec 2.0 TDCi Now £319 A Month On Finance

New Ford Galaxy Finance Terms

Parents rejoice … the Ford Galaxy 2.0 Zetec TDCi is a low cost vehicle for transporting bickering kids. Why? Because this seven-seater can be bought outright for only £26,150 or via a Personal Contract Plan. Terms for the latter include the £9,054.91 deposit of which the manufacturer contributes £1,500. This is followed by one payment of £329 (including the £10 Finance Facility Fee) and twenty-three monthly instalments of £319. At the end of the term there are three options. One, pay the £11,409 Optional Final Payment to own the vehicle. This totals £28,139.91 including £1,434.91 interest and the £10 Purchase Fee. Option two is to return it and make the kids walk home. There should be nothing else to pay assuming it is in fair condition and has not exceeded the 9,000 mile annual allowance. Excesses are charged at 9.6 pence per-mile. Option three is to purchase - as per option one - then part exchange via a further Personal Contract Plan. If the car is worth more than its Final Payment - perhaps because the kids have done less damage than expected – the difference contributes towards the newer vehicle’s deposit.

Ford Galaxy Zetec 2.0 TDCi Practicality

Parents rejoice … the Ford Galaxy 2.0 Zetec TDCi is also a practical environment for bickering kids. Why? Because its five rear seats - which are arranged in a row of three followed by a row of two - fold flat individually and slide forwards/backwards. These manoeuvres require very little effort and enable parents to separate children and carry awkward loads. The Galaxy's boot is impressive too. As such, even with a platoon of seven its cargo capacity is 308-litres. That is considerably larger than the current Ford Fiesta and virtually identical to a Ford Focus Hatchback Mk3. Furthermore, volume can be increased to a van-like 2,325-litres by folding the middle and rear seats flat. That eclipses nearly every estate on the market including the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The Galaxy also has numerous storage compartments that can keep noisy games out of sight.

Ford Galaxy Zetec 2.0 TDCi Handling And Equipment

Parents rejoice … the Ford Galaxy Zetec 2.0 TDCi keeps bickering kids comfortable. Why? Because it has sure-footed handling and a comfortable ride. As such it feels secure through the corners and is more engaging than most vehicles in its class. The Galaxy has pleasing performance too. This 140PS workhorse therefore hits 62mph in 10.1 seconds and averages 47.9mpg. The latter is very impressive. These characteristics complement a reasonable specification. Highlights include: parking sensors, Bluetooth, climate control, MP3 playback, and a smart fuel cap. This prevents motorists pumping the wrong fuel into the tank which is an easy mistake while simultaneously controlling six kids. All this, of course, is backed-up by a three year warranty. Can you return kids after three years?