posted 7 years ago

Ford Ka Studio 1.2 Finance

Ford Ka Studio 1.2 Finance Terms

The Ford Ka Studio 1.2 is better value for money than half-price fish and chips. And - much like the popular meal - this entry-level city car leaves a nice taste in the mouth. Why? Because it is available via its manufacturer's low cost personal contract purchase plan. Terms include the £2,201.91 deposit which is followed by a first monthly payment of £89 which includes the £10 finance facility fee. This precedes twenty-three instalments of £79. At the end of the term there are three easy to follow options. One, pay the £4,370 final payment to own the Ka Studio 1.2 outright. This totals £8,487.91 including the £10 purchase fee and £502.91 interest (4.9% representative APR). Option two is to return it. There should be nothing else to pay assuming it is in fair condition and has not exceeded the 9,000 mile annual allowance. Damage/excessive wear is charged according to severity and mileage excess at 7.2 pence per-mile. Option three is to part exchange it via a new personal contract purchase plan. If the Ford Ka Studio 1.2 is worth more than the optional final payment – perhaps because it has low mileage or a boot full of fish and chips – the difference contributes toward the replacement vehicle's deposit.

Ford Ka Studio 1.2 Review

The Ford Ka Studio 1.2 has fantastic handling that makes driving to the fish and chip shop fun. As such it corners with confidence, has precise steering, smooth five-speed manual transmission and a composed ride. This workhorse also has a 69PS petrol engine that propels chip lovers to 62mph in 13.4 seconds. Whereas this is modest, it is more than respectable for the price/class. Furthermore the 1.2-litre Ka Studio averages 57.7mpg, can be taxed for free in year one thanks to its low emissions, and sits in insurance group 2 of 50. The running costs are therefore lower than the price of a squashed chip. The only niggle is that the Ford Ka Studio has a basic equipment specification compared to most new cars. It therefore has: power steering, an immobiliser and CD player but lacks electric windows, power mirrors, air-con and a standard-fit electronic stability program. On the plus side, it has room for four people to sit in comfort and a class-competitive 224-litre boot. This city car's fashionable image and striking good looks complete the package. Right, meet you at the fish and chip shop?