posted 7 years ago

Ford Ka vs. Citroen C1

Question for you. What is the best reason to buy a Ford Ka or Citroen C1?

Question for you. What is the best reason to buy a Ford Ka or Citroen C1? For many motorists it is that these city cars cost less to run than a pair of roller skates. In fact, a friend of mine only considers 'cost' when buying vehicles. It can be the most pitiful excuse for a machine known to mankind - as long as it sips its fuel. Strange thought for someone who has a substantial pile of cash berried under his mattress. Anyway, let us follow my mate's example and consider which of these urban champions is the most cost effective.

The Ford Ka 1.2 Studio, which is the entry-level version, costs £8,545 – whereas the base-spec Citroen C1 1.0i VT is priced at £8,695. Point to the Ford then, it is £150 cheaper. Can you hear my friend rubbing his hands in delight? However, this is not the entire story. The C1 averages 62.8mpg and can be taxed annually for £20. The Ka's tax disc costs £30 and this run-around only averages 57.7mpg. So, the £150 saving vanishes.

As such, if cost is your only concern – say hello to the Citroen C1. Not for me though. Far better to have marginally higher running costs and a superior machine. The Ford Ka has a much larger boot, for starters, and it is slightly quicker to 62mph. It also feels sharper to drive, is better looking, and looks more upmarket than the Citroen C1. Sometimes you get what you pay for – my mate should look under his mattress and splash-out on a Ford Ka.