posted 8 years ago

Ford launch new service

Ford is launching a new service to help slash customer’s fuel bills by approximately £468 per year

Ford is launching a new service to help slash customer's fuel bills by approximately £468 per year. The new Econo Check offers a vehicle inspection, analysis of the owners driving style and advice on improving fuel economy.

Ford cars such the UK's best selling car the Ford Fiesta up to twelve years old will be fitted with a black box style data logger which will stay in the cabin for up to seven days. The logger will then be removed and the data including driving speeds, braking and anticipation will be analysed before a personalised report is issued. The Econo report will recommend driving style adjustments that will lead to reduced fuel consumption. The service will also include a fifteen minute check by a Ford technician including the pressure and condition of the tyres.

Ford say this new Econo Check can save up to twenty five percent of fuel which works out at £468 per year. The check will cost £30 at Ford dealers with £15 refundable against the next cars service and it is estimated there is four million cars eligible.

Fords Andy Barrett said the service would help customers cut costs by smarter driving. “As fuel prices continue to rise this in one away we can help ours customers.”