posted 4 years ago

Ford Launch New Technology to 'End Speeding Penalties'

Automatic adjustment of maximum speed limits

Ford have launched a new technology which could bring the end to speeding tickets once and for all. For some time drivers have been able to set a maximum speed for their car to help prevent exceeding speed limits but now Ford has launched a new system that ensures the maximum speed is automatically adjusted to remain within changing speed limits. This new technology would most certainly ensure the end of costly fines.

 Most drivers are guilty of ignoring speed restrictions and have no idea of breaking any limits. The look of surprise is on most peoples faces when they receive a fine and if we are pulled over by the police there is an instant acceptance it must be speeding. Penalties for speeding have increased over the last two years in the UK, there is now a maximum fine of £10,000 fine for exceeding motorway limits and the same fine applies in Germany. Measures to deter speeding motorists are increasing all the time, a new type of camera that simultaneously monitors four lanes is being introduced to three hundred miles of the U.K. motorway network this is in addition to existing single lane and average speed monitoring devices. France and Spain have started reducing speed limits on urban and narrow roads and some countries such as Finland link speeding fines to income earlier this year a motorist was fined a staggering £34,800 for speeding 64 mph in a 50mpg zone.

‘Intelligent Speed Limiter’

 Ford’s all new S-Max is equipped with the ‘Intelligent Speed Limiter’ , the system enables automatic adjustment of the maximum speed limit and detects camera signs. A windscreen mounted camera monitors road signs and when the speed limit lowers from the maximum speed set the Intellligent Speed Limited kicks in and slows the car, the same applies when the speed limit rises, the system then accelerates to the set speed. The Intelligent Speed Limiter is effective at speeds from 20 to 120 mph, it ensures smooth deceleration by restricting the fuel supplied to the engine rather than using the brakes. An alarm will sound if downhill travelling causes the car to exceed the specified speed. Intelligent Speed Limiter communicates with the onboard navigation system this accurately maintains the appropriate maximum speed when distances between speed limit signs are greater this is something we experience on long country roads. The system can be overridden when the accelerator is depressed.