posted 6 years ago

Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi Zetec Business Edition Finance

New Ford Mondeo Personal Contract Hire

Tycoons take note - the Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi Zetec “Business Edition” can be funded far easier than a start-up company. Why? Because there are three ways to pay. The first is Ford's Personal Contract Hire Plan that requires an Advance Rental of £5,698, followed by forty-seven instalments of £259. This totals £17,871. However, it is not the route to ownership as the car must be returned at the end of the contract – preferably without piles of “how to” management books filling its spacious 528-litre boot. It must therefore be farewell to the 140PS diesel engine that propel business lovers to 62mph in 9.5 seconds, and averages 53.3mpg. All excellent figures. The contract also imposes a 9,000 mile annual limit with excesses charged at 7.74 pence per-mile. Funding option two, of course, is cash. The list price is £21,795 but sharing business know-how with the salesman could lead to a discount. Nobody should pay list price, after all. But whatever it costs the Mondeo Hatchback is one of the best handling cars in its class. The composed chassis, responsive steering, excellent ride, and slick six-speed transmission ensure that. It also has plenty of equipment which includes: touch-screen sat-nav, front/rear parking sensors, climate control, and an electronic stability programme to prevent the rear tyres losing grip on corners and spinning the car. All useful tools for business-focussed drivers.

New Ford Mondeo Personal Contract Purchase

The Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi Zetec Business Edition is also available via a Personal Contract Plan, with Ford Options. Terms include the £5,575.89 deposit which is followed by one payment of £269 (including the £10 Finance Facility Fee) and forty-seven instalments of £259. At the end of the term there are three options. One, pay the £5,725 Optional Final Payment to own the car. This totals £23,752.89 including £2,902.88 interest and the £10 Purchase Fee. The Mondeo's excellent build quality then becomes a permanent part of your business. Option two is to return it. There should be nothing else to pay assuming it is in fair condition and has not exceeded the 9,000 mile annual allowance. Excesses are charged at 9.6 pence per-mile. Option three is to purchase - as per option one - then part exchange via a further Personal Contract Plan. If the Mondeo Zetec Business Edition is worth more than its Final Payment - perhaps because it has low mileage or details of a hostile take-over in the boot - the difference contributes towards the newer car's deposit. And that is the kind of business deal which deserves investment.